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Need ob/gyn recommendations please..

Hi ladies. I'm new to this board, my husband and I were married in April. We live in Virginia Beach, and I'm hoping to get to know some local girls. Now that I'm on his insurance I'm looking for a new ob/gyn, and one that I'll be happy with for the long haul since we're ttc. I've narrowed it down to Complete Women's Care & Virginia Beach OBGYN. Does anyone have any feedback regarding these two places or their specific practitioners?

 I do know that once we get pregnant we're hoping for a natural birth, possibly even considering the Midwifery Center at DePaul.

 Thanks so much!

Re: Need ob/gyn recommendations please..

  • I'm new the board too and live about an hour north of VB (across the bridge-tunnel) but DH and I are willing to travel for a good doctor.  If someone can recommend a place/doctor that would be wonderful.  We are in desperate need because I took a HPT and got a BFP!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks everyone.
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  • This isn't in Virginia Beach, but Tepeyac Family Clinic in Fairfax has a great practice and they partner with INOVA Fair Oaks for deliveries. During your pre-natal care, you rotate through each of their OB/GYNs so you can get to know all of them, that way whoever is on call when you go into labor, it will be a familiar face. I've liked every one of them so far and they have a very supportive, positive vibe.
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  • Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with those two specific ones you mentioned. But I've been going to the Group for Women since my first child. Their doctors are great, very friendly, and knowledgeable. I started off with Dr. Fernandez but have since moved to seeing Dr. Noffsinger. I never seem rushed out of an appointment. Their Va Beach office can get busy sometimes and their office staff can be a little "unwarm" at times, so I tend to go to the Chesapeake office when a can. But I love the doctors and the doctor's nurses so much that I don't let their office staff get to me. ------------------------------- BabyFetus Ticker
  • Hi there! I live in VA Beach and used Complete Women's Care for my prenatal. I loved Dr. Wright and Dr. George...both are very nice and made me feel very comfortable. They also are very good about answering all of my questions. There was one Dr. that I did not care for who ended up doing my c-section....Dr. Johnson. My friends who used that group for pre natal did not like her either. She is not very friendly and doesn't have a good bedside manner. Good luck!
  • I have been going to Virginia Center for Women in chesapeake for my pregnancy (I am 18 weeks) and I LOVE them.  Everyone is super sweet! I live in Virginia Beach but it is not far from me since i live near the border of VB and chesapeake!  They deliver at Chesapeake General.  Good luck with finding a doctor it is always so hard!

  • I second the Group for Women...I have only seen Dr. Noffsinger there, but have liked everything so far.. all questions have been answered, etc.
  • i was in the same position as you... luckily google happens to be my friend sometimes and i found this place i thought that i would test it out and WOW! I LOVE THIS PLACE NOW!


    They even reccomended me a new General Practitioner becauseI HATE him and the way he treated me the day I asked for new meds put me over the edge. I called them and they gave me a new reference :o)


    Hope it helps!



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  • Women care center in Norfolk (attached to depaul) is where the midwives from the midwifery center see their patients. I have been a patient there for almost 8 years. I see Elizabeth Baker Golpira. (she is fabulous) and I am delivering my first this month at the Midwifery center. there are 4 midwives and if you are thinking of delivering there in the future, just know that you can see the midwives for you regular visits prior to pregnancy and delivery.   They are all very very good. welcome to the area and hope that helps
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