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33 weeks pregnant and uncomfortable HELPPP

even though time seems to be flying, i just cant wait to meet my precious babyboy. i ALSO would love to be able to sleep again and walk like a regular person. i have no idea why or what this little boy is laying on that causes me to walk with a limp but it hurts so much :( my groin and my hips are just so weak and i cant take it, especially with a 19 month old, EXTREMELY ACTIVE little boy. am i the only one?? and what is it that i can do to ease the aches

Re: 33 weeks pregnant and uncomfortable HELPPP

  • I'm sorry you're experiencing that so early. I remember with baby #2 I felt a lot more pressure in my bottom around that time, but I wasn't truly "uncomfortable" until 38 weeks or so.
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    You're definitely not the only one. Every couple of weeks something new starts hurting or gets really uncomfortable and LO finds a new body part I didn't know I had to kick, punch or stick his butt in. As far as I know, nothing helps. It'll just get more... uhm... interesting until he makes his appearance :)
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  • I'm having a lot of aches in my pelvis, too.Moving in bed sometimes makes my groin hurt. Getting out of a chair, especially if I have been sitting for a while, is extremely painful for me. I keep a cushion with me when I know that I'm going to be sitting down for a long time, like at church.

    Sometimes I do have a waddle, depending on how Tobias is situated. I've just decided to give in to the waddle b/c it's easier (& more comfortable) to walk that way.

    Swimming feels so good for my body. I feel so buoyant & light. It feels like I'm giving my joints a break from the weight of the pregnancy.

    Other than that, I just try to be more gentle with my body b/c it's easier for me to lose my balance, especially if my sciatica kicks in spontaneously.

    My doc says that warm baths & Tylenol can help. I didn't try this yet though. I will add that a few nights ago I had a muscle spasm in my back & took some Tylenol. That was the best sleep that I had for a very long time b/c my body aches weren't waking me up in the middle of the night. 

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  • I'm 34 weeks and not comfortable at all.  My hips and lower back hurt so bad that I dread going to bed because laying on my sides hurts my hips so bad.  My baby is laying sideways right now as well so when she pushes my whole stomach is stretched.  Don't get me wrong, I love feeling her moved because then I know she's doing ok in there, but I wish she would go head down already. Sorry to vent on your post. I know how you feel girl.
  • I am so with you....I can't sleep, can't sit comfortably and am waddling like a duck, so not cute!  My first pregnancy was a breeze compared to this. 
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  • You're not alone, I'm only 27 weeks, (tomorrow,) and I'm having so much pressure.  DS1 was high up, (heartburn the whole works,) DS2 is low.  The scary part is I know it's just going to get worse.  My poor hips, butt, stretching uterus, what we ladies go through for these precious LOs!


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  • I'm there too so don't feel alone.  I'm only 5'1" and I have a short torso so there is an incredible lack of space for my LO to be in.  She is pressing down so hard on my pelvic bone it feels like it is going to split in two.  I have found some relief from warm baths, but mostly I have to change positions all the time.  If I sit too long I can't hardly get up without assistance.  If I lay down I have to get up to pee 700 times.  There isn't any happy medium.  The pressure is so great that I am looking forward to pushing so I can have some relief from how hard she is pressing against my pelvic region.  I have also taken some tylenol and my doc said it is ok to take tylenol PM, which I have done only a few times but it has allowed me to get some much needed sleep and not be in so much pain.  If you find any great solutions please post them because you certainly aren't alone.


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