Parenting after 35

What are u using? (dopplers)

My husband and I are using the Angle doppler, but someone suggested from this fourm to use My babys beat app. I haven't downloaded yet, I want to check first if it's really safe. :-) it has good reviews thought..But if it's not good and harms the baby please feel free to comment!!

Re: What are u using? (dopplers)

  • i've got both honey, It is safe to use because it is only useable on Airplaine mode, so that's that, it's a cool and nice app to use, my niece acutally told me about it, that's how old i feel.
  • steverstever member

    Was this meant for the Pregnant After 35 board? This is Parenting After 35.

    Good luck though!

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