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Is it sad that

I am jealous of a knocked up stray cat?

We leave out in the country so of course we see our fair share of stray's. This pregnant cat showed up about 2 weeks ago and she was pretty banged up (lots of burs, half her tail missing, and looked under weight for being clearly pregnant). She greeted me as I came home from the gym and I couldn't not help her out. I got her some food and cleaned her up. She is declawed and didn't mind me fussing with her. So she had a home at some point. 

Anyway, I talked DH into letting me set her up a little shack in our garage. At first I felt like since she is clearly homeless and has no way of taking care of herself that she should allow me to take care of her babies once they arrive. Then I realized how crazy that sounded. haha. So.... she has been spending her days in our garage and on our porch. I am hoping that she decides to stay and have her kittens here. That way I can make sure they all get to either new homes or the humane society.  

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  • I think that's great that you're willing to help out.  After she has the kittens, what's the plan?  Do you think you'll adopt her and find the kittens homes?.  More importantly, do you think you'll get her spayed? 
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  • I get that.  I've had similar thoughts.  It's great that you took her in.
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  • Her new name is Hope and she will be staying with us as an outdoor kitty. She has been to the vet and is about 8weeks along. We should have kittens in about 1-2 weeks. We will be getting her fixed and she does have some other medical issues we will be addressing after the kittens arrive. I've already found a few people interested in kittens, so I am hoping we find them all good homes.

  • How sad that she is declawed and had to be outside like that :( I hope she is able to fend for herself.

    Good for you for taking her and her kittens and giving them a place to be safe.

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  • Awww, good for you! That poor kitty, no claws and out in the wild! You are doing a very good thing! Good luck with the kitties!
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