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My husband has booked us a family vacation.  We are going to Puerto Rico - sounds good right?  I am not looking forward to it.  I think traveling with a baby is going to be difficult at best - a PITA at worst.  We never traveled with our first two.  We are going away for two weeks, but I have to work the second week from Puerto Rico (I can work anywhere with a phone and an internet connection), but it just isn't gpoing to be easy working out of a vacation house with a baby.  I am aware that this sounds bratty, but it is FFF, right?


  • No flames!  :)

    I don't think the traveling will be too bad, anyway... We've traveled quite a bit with Margaux, and I thought she was easiest right around 6 months-ish.  I hope it turns out better than you fear!

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  • I agree with Peppa...  your kiddo is young enough yet to be manageable.

    We took FOUR freakin' long trips with C last summer when he was 6-8 mo old and it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd thought.  Three were driving, one flying.. and other than the horrid humidity in the midwest in August, it wasn't bad at all.

    Now THIS year may be a different story.

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  • Not bratty at all, I totally agree!  S has been on 7 rountrip flights in his short lifetime including 2 all-day trips with multiple layovers and I only did it to visit family...I can't imagine ever travelling with a baby for pleasure.  Then again, 6 months is a pretty easy age so maybe you will have fun!
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  • No flames! We have successfully avoided all travel with Sarah so far. We both think travelling with an infant/toddler is not fun, and not worth the effort, so I am with you on this...but maybe you'll have some fun.
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  • I spent about 10 years living in Puerto Rico and I loved it. What part of PR are you visiting? There's a lot of natural beauty (the southern coast (Guanica), the caves, the rain forest, etc), plus the old city Old San Juan is very charming.

    A 5 month old baby is a piece of cake for traveling compared to a toddler who won't sit in your lap and wants to pull the hair of the people sitting in front. We have a trip coming up and not looking forward to the flight either. But just remind yourself that the flight will be over soon and then you have a wonderful vaca to look forward to. Too bad you have to work part of it.

    Make sure you pack a really good sunblock for the baby, the sun in PR is very strong this time of year, I'm talking even 1/2 hr in the midday sun will burn you.

    Have fun!

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  • No flames here. my sister asked if I wanted to join them on their camping trip.  as in true camping. no RV no hotel, etc...  I looked at her like you are effing kidding me right?  I have a 13 month old and I'm not the outdoorsy type. Unless it involves a swim up bar and ocean nearby.Stick out tongue
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  • WIll H be watching the baby while you work? In that case it should't be a problem. We took the baby to our other house in Florida at 6 months and she was great at the aiports and on the plane. It's our 4 y.o. who rode all the empty wheelchairs at the airport when our flight was delayed...
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