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Thoughts/Experience with the shot??

I had my 6 week pp visit yesterday and made an appointment for next week to get the Depo shot but I want to hear what you ladies think or have had experience with to be sure.

I researched bfing-safe BC methods and thought a lot about it before my appointment and this is basically what I told my midwife...I want more than condoms, don't trust myself to take the mini-pill at the exact same time everyday (and we aren't looking to have another baby for 2-3 years), I'm scared to death of an IUD after hearing horror stories, thought about Implanon but reminds me of IUDs so same issue there, and I don't want anything that is going to screw with bfing. So I guess that just leaves me with the shot, right?

So, if any of you ladies have done the shot before or know girlfriends that have, let me know. I want the good, the bad, and the ugly! Big Smile

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Re: Thoughts/Experience with the shot??

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    No experience there but I'll tell you that I personally loved my IUD.  I've heard a few horror stories but I would recommend it to anyone who is compatible. 

    ETA:  I've developed an allergy to one of the fillers in the BCP I used to take.  Because my skin is highly dermographic, testing for what specific filler is difficult to do because I can't have a skin test.  Anyway, the mirena was the answer for me and I'm really glad I went that way.  I was a complete and nervous wreck going in to get it, but I'm really glad I went that route. 

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    No experience there but I'll tell you that I personally loved my IUD.  I've heard a few horror stories but I would recommend it to anyone who is compatible. 

    Same here, no experience with the shot and I can't take anything hormonal anymore, but I love my IUD.

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  • I didn't take the shot- however two of my friends did and stopped after a year each.  One had horrible weight gain, 2 week long periods (which they kept telling her would stop after a month or two) and she lost all interest in sex.

    The other one said she had no libido as well and didn't like how she felt on it.

    I am going the IUD route after this one.  We used condoms and I was EBF but got pregnant 15 weeks post partum.  I don't trust myself to take the minipill at the exact same time everyday and with my obvious luck I'd end up with 3 under 3!!!

    Sorry I don't have anything encouraging to say.  My SIL loves the patch, though.  She used it for four years.  Is that compatible with BF?

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  • I have a friend who used to take it. She had horrible mood swings and a lot of weight gain.

    In case you'd like to consider a natural approach, here are some links: - you can find a teacher for learning the Creighton method of NFP - find a class for learning the sympto-thermal method with the Couple to Couple League

    Good luck!
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  • I had a great experience with my IUD initially, but then had problems after my first OB cut the strings too short. I won't get another one after that, just because it was kind of scary and also painful. However, I don't know of anyone else that happened to, so I think I am just in that small percentage of people who experience problems (although I still say the blame falls on my OB for cutting the strings so short).

    I had a friend who used the shot in high school. Not sure if the shot is the same formulation as it was back then (she used Depo-Provera), but she had major issues with mood swings and also strange, heavy bleeding on and off, even though, if I remember correctly, you are not supposed to get normal periods on the shot. 

    I have no idea what I will use after the next baby. I want non-hormonal so I am thinking of a diaphragm, maybe. We used Natural Family Planning before, but my cycles were way too out of whack at the time for it to work (hence my pregnancy with DD :)). 

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  • I had a Mirena IUD and have nothing but positive things to say about it.  I also BF for 2 years with it.  I am planning to get one again after DD is born.
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  • I used Depo for a LONG time! Probably 7 or 8 years, with a break of a year or two in the middle. I thought that it caused me to gain about 5 lbs or so, but I don't know whether it's really the blame of the depo or not. I loved being on it! I didn't have periods at all.

    I've heard that it can be very difficult for some people to get pregnant afterwards though. I switched to BCP about a year before we wanted to TTC, and I don't think I'll go back on it. Maybe after we are definitely done having kids.

    If you have any specific questions though, let me know!


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  • My sister had a horrible experience with mood swings and weight gain from the shot. I know she said she would never get the shot again and her new OB agreed with her that her symptoms are pretty common from the shot.
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  • I was on the shot for about 6 years and it started off ok, but then I started getting really nasty mood swings and gaining weight. I can only blame it on the shot, because when I switched to BCP it all went away and I almost instantly dropped the 20 pounds I had been carrying. Newer research also suggests that it leads to issues with bone density, and since the women in my family have history or osteo, I wouldn't go back.
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  • I just started on the shot a couple weeks ago... so I don't have any good experiences to share yet... but just wanted to say that so far, I like the convenience of it and not having to take a pill. 
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  • I *hated* the shot (depo-provera) so much that I only tried it for less than a year.  Though I never had a period I was spotting ALL THE TIME.  I don't remember a ton of weight gain...nothing more than what was normal fluctuation for me anyway (few pounds at most).  I agree with the lack of libido...I kind of joke that that's how it's so effective :P.  Oh and one more thing, the needle is really freaking long and they always stuck it into my butt cheek.  It was always so sore afterward I literally could not sit on that half of my @$$ for a few days!
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