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How on Earth did you get someone agree to see Sprout?  No one will even attempt to diagnose or treat LMC until she is 6ish. 

They have all happily offered up meds but only toss out scary possibilities (RAD, Bipolar, Pervasive Developmental Disorder) and random suggestions to help ( Wii, karate, computer games, sticker charts). They all refuse to see her on a regular basis. I want to scream.

What's your secret?

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    Please come back to the boards Duchess!  I know your hiding places and where to find you but I miss you adding to the conversations here. Always thinking of you! :-)


  • ::butting in again:: :-p


    Duchess - You'll have an email from me in about 5...4...3...2...


  • It was really impossible, actually - and I specifically refuse to bring him to a psychiatrist b/c I wont medicate/dx him which made the hunt that much harder. 

    I started with his insurance - they gave me about 15 names of LPC/LCSW/MSW/LMFTs in my area.  All of them said no. But, I was able to use them for networking - explained my situation and asked if they could pleeeeaaase ask their collegues for a rec.  It took a long time and lots of follow up, but that led to the person he's been seeing for a couple weeks now. She's an LCSW and seems to be very good - i'm hopeful for what she can do with him.

    Some other ideas:

    - seek out an EMDR trained therapist.  Even if you dont want EMDR, they often see children and treat trauma (we saw an EMDR therapist when Sprout first came into care and it was so helpful).  check here for names: http://www.emdr.com/find-a-clinician.html

    - attachment.org has a 'find a therapist' link as well: http://www.attachment.org/pages_find_therapist.php

    - a family therapist (LMFT), they treat the family as a whole so they are definitely used to working with small children.

  • J- I miss the board so much! I will try to check in more often.

    CT- We are in the same boat. We won't medicate her either. I can't believe how many people have offered us meds for a three year old without a dx, scary!  Thanks for the great links. I will check them out now.

    I am so glad you found someone to help Sprout, it gives me hope. (( hugs))

  • **Butting in** to ditto Two (we miss you Duchess!) and say CT, you are a wealth of information!!

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  • Butting in...

    Finding a therapist for kid under 5/6y is nearly impossible - even here in a huge city. Our Dept of Mental Health was supposed to start a program for seeing kids at 3.5y, but they didn't get funding. Sigh. Do you have a local children's hospital? Have you called their outpatient psychology program?

    In this area we have CASE (Center for Adoption Support and Education.) I think it is local to this area, but I wonder if they could point you in a direction for someone in your area. http://www.adoptionsupport.org/res/index.php I don't know if they have networks throughout the country.

    Good luck - and come back. We miss you.

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  • Thiswillbe- Thank you, I miss you all too.

    2Brides- I'm glad it's not just here. I am losing my mind! The children's hospital idea is a great one. I am on it, thanks! :-)

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