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Pediatrician recs - Bucks/Newtown area?

Hi everyone,

I usually post over on PGAL or the tri boards, but I was hoping for some help. I'll be 21 weeks tomorrow, and my OB told me today that he wants me to start interviewing pediatricians. I figured I'd make a list and try to schedule some appointments. Do you have any recommendations in Bucks County/Newtown area?

Thank you!

Re: Pediatrician recs - Bucks/Newtown area?

  • There is a CHOP care network (formerly KidsFirst) in Newtown.  My sister goes there and loves it - I take DD to the Care Netwrok in Central Bucks and I love it!
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    DS goes to Lower Bucks Peds in Yardley.  All of the Dr.s are really nice.  All of the nurses raved about their practice when DS was in the NICU and I agree they are great.
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  • Hi!

    My son goes to Margotti and Kroll.  We normally do the Trevose office but I have been to Newtown as well. My only suggestion is make sure you see either Margotti or Kroll.  I did not care for the few other dr. at Trevose but its just my preference.  My son really took to Dr. Kroll.  I always can get same day appts. at either office and they always call back within the hour for all my questions.  Check out the website lots of good info on there!!

  • We care pediatrics in Langhorne behind ox.val.mall.  I really like them.  Both my boys go there and our 3rd will too. 
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  • I took would reccomend Margotti and Kroll, but only if you see Margotti or Kroll.  I go to the Warrington office and have enjoyed my experiences with these two doctors.  I also like that they are associated with Abington Hospital.
  • we go to chopcare in newtown and LOVE them.  the recommendation came from a good friend of my moms who also sings their praises.

    we switched when dd was only 2 weeks old because i was so unhappy with our original choice, margiotti and kroll.  dr. kroll was okay in the hospital, but i was appalled by the extremely rude receptionists, nurses, and nurse practitioners in their office and by the careless doctors.  sicne switching and askign aroudn i've heard soem really terrible stories about their practice. 

    i will say though that margiotti's lactation consultant is the best around. her name is amy goldberg and i cannot speak highly enough of her.  she will meet with moms who are not at margiotti and kroll too.

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