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XP (June 2011 Moms) My kinda long labor story.

So I'm finally getting around to posting my labor story and telling you all that I had my baby at 39 weeks 2 days.  Ronin Spencer Law arrived on 4th June weighing 8lb 4oz. 

This is a VERY different labor than I had with DD.

Thursday (2nd June) at 12:11am I noticed clear fluid leaking all morning so I called the maternity ward when I woke up that morning and they told me to come in and get it checked.  They did the test and said it was my waters that had broken, so sent me home to wait for the contractions to start and if nothing has happened to come back at 10pm to get antibiotics (which I had to do as I had felt no contractions Sad)  They sent me home after I had them and told me to come back in at 8am (if nothing had happened by then) and my doctor would start me on the drip to induce me. 

Yep again, nothing had happened I'd only had 3 contractions between 12am and 8 am, so I go to the hospital again and my doctor does an interenal and finds that I have bulging forewater (or something) and I was still only 3cm dialated, so my waters hadn't actually broken, turns out it was a hinde water leak.  She gave my membrains a sweep and some more antibiotics and sent me on home again to wait for some action.  With in an hour of being home they call me and ask me to come in at 6pm that night to see my doctor (unless of course something happens before then).

I did start getting contractions at 3pm that afternoon, but nothing really timeable, so off I went to the hospital at 6pm on Friday night.  My doctor decided to break my waters as apparently my GBS swab had come back positive.  It took a while for active labor to begin.  My TENS machine was a great help and I didn't notice the back labor.  At one stage they gave me a shot of Pethadine so I could get some sleep, which was a great help.  

By Saturday afternoon my contractions were extreamly painful, I was exahusted and was only 4-5cm dialated, so even though I really didn't want to I let my Doctor give me an epidural, because they wanted me to get some rest while the contractions pushed Ronin down further into my pelvis and also we knew that we might end up having to get a c-section.  By about 5:30pm I was finally dialated to 10cm and my doctor decided to top me back up again and get me to try and push, after 10 mins of that and no success she tried to use the vontuse to get him out.  That didn't work either as his heart rate kept dropping, so she told use that it was time we got him out and went for a cesarian. 

At 6:26pm on Saturday 4th June Ronin Spencer Law arrived via an emergency cesarian.  Turns out he wouldn't have come out naturally in the end as his head was in my pelvis crooked (and his position is what made my labor so painful).  My Doctor spent a while on the other side off that curtain after Ronin came out, apparently I had a lot of clots and my fundus was still really high so on Sunday I had to have a blood transfusion.

I spent 5 days in the hospital after the birth and am so happy that the midwives were awesome and looked after us so well.  Now almost 3 weeks after things are going well, Ronin is feeding and putting on weight and I'm not in as much pain as I was.

Here is a link to some photo's (I'm not on my own computer at the moment so I can't add them into the post)


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