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If my comments about religion irk you, I apologize.  I do think this board is capable of having intelligent thoughtful conversations about religion and that you shouldn't feel limited to 'we went to church on Sunday.'

I actually find religion very fascinating. I'm in awe of people that can have blind faith in something that can not be proven.  I was a science major, my mind works in black or white. I've attended many different churches with friends and family over my lifetime and the history and culture of it is something I have respect for.

However, in a world where ultra-(social) conservatives pick and choose what Bible versus they want to live by and adapt to life in this century yet try to force our civil legal system into ruling by those same versus I'm going to be jaded and biter.

And the jaded and bitterness ebbs and flows.  When it's in my town, on the front of the paper, on my news feeds, and in daily conversations it is worse. Today just happened to be one of those days where the first news picture I saw was of people holding the Bible while demanding that our non-secular government rule by the book that they happen to believe in.

So please, chat away. :-)



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  • Religion is a very sensitive area for me. One main reason was the struggle I had with my lifestyle and what others told me the Bible said. I hate that so-called Christians or non-Christians try to beat down groups based on what they say the Bible or other Holy books say. It saddens me when people shy away from God because of "haters."

    IMO God is not a God of hate but a God of Love. God is not limited to Christianity, Judaism, Islam nor Buddhism...God's Love is for everyone. The fact that I am a Christian doesn't mean I think those who are Jewish are wrong. I hate the separatism that exists.

    Again, just my belief system, Love is not empirical. There is no way to see or literally measure the love I have for my Kiddos. I believe that we are all Loved even more than the love our heart is capable of holding. Hard to imagine...but I believe it is true.

    It is wrong to pick and choose verses to throw at others. Batting those verses back attached with Love will hopefully humble a person. At least that is my prayer.

    Sorry this was so long. I also hope that I don't sound "preachy"...that is definitely not my intention.


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  • Not preachy at all!  I actually agree with and love your definition of God and if I were to be convinced he/she existed that is the way I would want to picture him/her.

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