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4weeks. Need recommendations on good doctors in the area

My husband and I just found out that we are preggers!  We're really excited, but nervous as well because we experienced an ectopic 3 months ago. It was an awful experience but we have high hopes for this one! 

 Anyway, since this is my first, I honestly have no idea what I'm doing. I need some recommendations on good doctors in the area.  I dont want to ask friends yet b/c I dont want to tell them this early.  Any suggestions?  recommendations?

Thank you so so so much!

Re: 4weeks. Need recommendations on good doctors in the area

  • If you don't mind going into Center City, if you aren't already in the city, Penn Care for Women at 6th and Walnut is really good. They deliver at Pennsylvania Hospital.

    They don't see patients until 8 weeks pregnant but you should make your appointment now. 

    There really isn't anything to be doing right now except eating well, not drinking or smoking and taking prenatal vitamins and DHA.

    Good Luck!  

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  • Where are you?
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  • I'm in Delaware County, Drexel Hill to be specific. 
  • I see the doctors at Lawrence Park Ob-Gyn in Broomall.  I moved to them during my first pregnancy and have stayed with them ever since.  I really like them, any of the 3 physicians are great and the staff is great.  I highly recomend!  Good luck!
  • I am also in Drexel Hill and highly recommend the same as PP- Lawrence Park OBGyn.  They are all great.  It is a great practice with amazing doctors, and you deliver at Lankenau which was a fantastic hospital with all private rooms.
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  • I go to Women for Women at Lankenau Hospital. I love all of the OBs there and have had a wonderful experience so far. Drs. Porcelan and Barsoum are my favorite if you want specific MDs. Best of luck.
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  • We went to the birth center in Bryn Mawr. I can't say enough good things about my experience.
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  • Thank you all so much for your replies.  To the ladies who see the dr's at lawrence park.... thats where i've been going.  I used to see Dr. Lobo who I absolutely loved, but he doesn't see pregnant woman, so I need to find someone else. I started seeing Dr. Hyatt, who's also great, but would love to see other doctors as well to pick who I like the best. I hear that I will do some sort of rotation?  Any idea how that works?  Also, will the person I pick deliver my baby as well?  Sorry if I sound so new to this... its because I am!  haha :)
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