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PT time? He likes to have his dino pee/poop on potty....

Back in April my son showed interest in the potty.  He would pee and poop on the potty no problem, but not everytime by any means.  At that time he was 23 months so I really wasn't pushing it but if he wanted to we sure let him.  I wonder if I should have started training at that time when he showed interest for the first time to the potty.  We'd been taking him to the bathroom with us when we needed to go so he would get the idea in his mind.  When he started peeing and pooping on potty was right during my busy time at work and home as I work in an agriculture field and my hubby and I farm as well.  Then on top of that we were affected by a tornado.  So we just had too many things going and didn't make a big push on the potty training.  Now I'm wondering if I missed the window.  He has not shown as much interest this last month now.  I ask him if he needs to go potty and he always says no and when I try to take him to the toilet he doesn't want to sit on it.  I don't know where to go from here.  He finally showed some interest again today as I asked him if he would like to see if his dinosaur needed to use the potty.  Kind of like the Dr. Phil theory---kid teaches a doll to pee and in return wants to do it as well.  I have purchased a Potty Scotty but hasn't arrived yet. 

 Do you think he's ready?  If so, my hubby and I will be gone next weekend don't you think want until after we are back or could I miss this window again if he's somewhat interested again?

 There are so many different ways to do this....should I let him go naked all day long?  My fear would be he'd never want to dress again.  But I see how it would be easy to potty train that way.  Or do I use big boy undewear? 

 What do I do at nap time and bedtime?  Big boy undewear or pull-ups?  A couple weeks ago he was dry all the way overnight.  So I know he can do it, I just didn't know if I should expect that of him right away.  If you do go big boy undewear do you put something extra on his mattress in case he has an accident?  I have a mattress pad and his sheet on there currently.

Any advice would greatly be appreciated as I am just lost on this questions above. 

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