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Okay so I've never been one to care about my weight or eating healthy befor, but now its different and I do have someone else to think about.  So I was wondering if any one have a few easy suggestions about how to make sure I'm not over eating (which can be an issue at times for me) or under eating (yet another issue I have).  Also I have a major weakness for junk food (which lets face it who doesn't).  Needless to say I need a lot of help with eating write and staying health for my baby.  I was never big to begin with I'm only 4ft11in tall and I've never weighed more than 110, so I never really worried about this kind of stuff before.  But as I'm realizing really quick its soooo much easier to gain more weigh than your supposed to when your pregnant especially if your like me and just want to eat everything and the kitchen sink.

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  • I find it really helpful to keep track of what I eat. There is an app on my phone that lets me scan barcodes and input food and so I always know if I'm getting to the point of overeating. Plus it tracks protein (which is super important in pregnancy) so I know, ok, I have X amount of calories left, but I need X amount of protein for the day. Then I can chose a healthier food, like chicken breasts or something, instead of just going, "I'm hungry..I think I'll eat some chips". 

    I'm not saying I'm calorie counting per say, but I find it helpful to know if I haven't eaten enough for that day or if I'm getting far too much junk. 

    And you don't have to use an app, even just writing it down helps. Course, if you've got a smartphone, it's easier to use it.


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