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Weekend Plans!

What are you doing this weekend???
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Re: Weekend Plans!

  • L is still out of town at her parents and doesn't get home till really late Sunday night. So, it is just the munckins and me this weekend.

    Tonight - Probably a low key evening. If the playground isn't still too wet from last nights storm we'll have some playground time. I have stuff to make our own pizzas and we might watch a movie.

    Saturday - The kids have swimming lessons in the morning and then I am taking them to a local nature center. The highlight will be the tram ride through the paths. :) Home for a nap and then in the evening, they are going to Parents Night Out at the gym. I have no idea what I am going to do while they are there for 3 hrs. Sadly, all of our friends live too far from the gym to meet up for dinner/drinks. Perhaps I will go to a movie.

    Sunday - No plans really. I know that we need to go to the grocery store and I will probably take the kids swimming at some point. We might hit up one of the huge playgrounds in the area. I ordered the kids a new exercise Wii game that I am sure they will be excited to play and will give me a few minutes to get some stuff done around the house. And I am sure I will be counting the hours until L gets home. :)

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  • Today: I am sure it is going to be extremely low key. C and Little Man are not feeling too well. I think they both picked something up from this one little kid at daycare who has a bad cough and a HUGE runny nose.

    Tomorrow: We start the Summer session of music class! I am so excited! I love watching my (our) Little Kiddos dancing and laughing. I also love singing the new songs at home and in the car. Little Man can really cut a rug *smile.*

    Sunday: I would love to go to the National Aquarium early in the morning. I hope C and Little Man will feel up for the trek. If not, Target and grocery shopping await us. We need to decide about Church, but it is so hard when the Kiddos fall asleep minutes before we walk out the door.

    I hope EVERYONE has a GREAT weekend! 


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  • Today I am adopting Eli, so we are going out to dinner this evening to celebrate/note the event. 

    Saturday, we are cleaning out our basement during the day. We are having a drain tile system put in this week so we need to have it cleared out. We are then heading over to the in-laws to celebrate Father's day with Kel's dad.

    Sunday, we are (hopefully) finishing the work in the basement and then heading over to my sister's for a BBQ for my stepfather and BIL. 


  • Tonight: If sprout has a good day, we'll be going to the diner to have breakfast for dinner :)  After that I'll be cleaning out our old car and turning the house upside down to find the title.

    Tomorrow: We pick up our new car! Sprout is more excited than we are. After we might check out a new play place that i'm considering for the girls' bday party.  The girls and I will head home for nap while Sprout and DW head to yet another bday party.  We'll probably have a quiet evening.

    Sunday: The kids visit their mom in the morning, then Sprout and DW will go to yet another bday party (apparently every kid in his class was born in May or June). TBD for after nap activity.

  • I dropped Jen off at the airport this morning to visit her family for the weekend, so I'm solo. I'm off work today. I killed an hour at Target to avoid getting stuck in rush hour traffic on the way back from the airport. 

    I don't have any plans today or tomorrow. I'm going to work on some job hunting stuff and do some freezer cooking, and finish Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I'm hoping to baby-sit for my friend tomorrow night - the baby will be in bed so it wouldn't be exciting for me, but I feel like her and her husband could really use a night out. 

    Sunday I'm going to Richmond with a couple of friends, just for a short day trip since two of us have never been there. Jen comes home on Sunday night and we're going to do a pregnancy test when she gets home, since we'll both be at work on Monday when we get the results of the doctor's PG test. 

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  • Other than brunch with Norika tomorrow I think our weekend is pretty low key.  I have lots of paperwork to do so I'm hoping I can get LO it nap alot ;-)

  • Lnelson - Congrats on the adoption finalization.  Boo for needing to do it...

    Leapgirl - Can't wait to hear the results.  :)

     Tonight we're going out to eat with a friend and then to a bar for B's work friend's going away party.  This weekend is a mash of shopping and packing for Greece and getting the apartment/cats ready to be babysat.  I had a gyn appt this morning and got a pretty harsh lecture on my weight (sigh.  bane of my existance.)  so maybe I'll try to exercise...

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  • My brother just arrived in the city (yay!!) with his girlfriend. We'll hang out tonight, head to my parents tomorrow for the day, then hang out Sunday. I'm psyched.

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  • Sounds like you ladies have some great weekend plans!

    We are celebrating my nephew's 1st birthday on Saturday. Yeah! and ugh, that means my girls only have 4 more months until their 1st birthday.

    Saturday night we will have our 2nd, yes 2nd, date night since the girls were born. Woohoo!

    Sunday we are going to a neighborhood festival and hanging out with other new moms.

  • Both our parents are coming in town  for a impromptu shower/house warming thing - really an excuse to party and get together.

    It should be fun ...


    Dinner tonight with everyone 

    housewarmer/shower Saturday at 5pm so I will be getting ready and setting up for that -

    Sunday Fathers day Brunch with our Dads!


    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


    J & M 


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  • Friday- We had plans tonight but we just got into a huge argument. So those are canceled. Seems like all we do do is fight about money now. 

    Saturday- Probably nothing except grocery shopping.

    Sunday- My dad was killed in a semi truck accident when I was twelve and I just realized Sunday is fathers day. Joy.

    Pretty depressing weekend plans. Sorry. 

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  • Depends -- On Saturday, we might go to a nursing home where my DW is going to recover from her back surgery...She might be there for a few days - how long, I don't know. We'll be traveling between our home and treatment place (45 miles one way) - something LB doesn't like. 

    I believe Sunday is going to be just  us at home with the critters... 

  • Saturday went to Pride and had a fantastic time. My son was a star, everyone had to stop and tell us how cute he was and take his picture. He loved the parade and all the attention.

    Sunday- off to a Bmets game with some friends. We always have a great time. This was where my wife and I went on our first day.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend

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