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Does your Dr/nurse call you after every test w/results?

Positive or negative results aside, aren't they supposed to let you know?

"No news is good news" doesn't fly with me as far as Dr appts go. I had my 1 hour glucose 2 weeks ago, called last Friday to see if they had the results and still no call back. I even let them know at the appt that I'm concerned with GD being linked with Hyperemesis (which of course, they knew nothing about and had no answers at the time) but they knew I was worried. I understand that failing the 1 hour doesn't necessarily mean anything, but if I have to go in again, I do have a job that I have to schedule this around.

Needless to say I'm not impressed. Do you get a call back, no matter the results?

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Re: Does your Dr/nurse call you after every test w/results?

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    depends on the test. some of them they only call if there is something to worry about, some they call regardless. But they always tell me what they'll be doing before I leave the office so I know to expect a call or not.

    I would be calling your doctor again. 

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  • I actually never get a call with results - they are just discussed at my next appt. But they are usually pretty good at getting back to me when I call with questions. I would definitely call again.

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  • They usually tell me whether or not to expect a call when I'm there. The standard is "no news is good news", but they did call me to let me know that I passed my 3 hour GTT, which only took a day or two.


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  • my doctors takes the no news is good news approach so I almost never get a call. I got a call after my glucose test but I think that was only because they wanted to tell me my iron was low. I think if my iron had been fine they wouldn't have called. My doctor doesn't tell me all that much at my appointments either. She takes my measurements but doesn't tell me what they are or anything. Se just tells me everything looks good. Next time I"m going to start asking her these things because I feel so in the dark right now. 
  • Actually my doctor never calls me with results!

    They just tell me the results at my next appointment. However, so far everything has been good. I am sure if something was wrong they would call me, but otherwise I am fine with just waiting until my next appointment (especially since I go every two weeks now).

  • My doctor's office only calls if the results are not normal.
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  • My doctor doesn't always call with test results either.  They take the no news is good news approach.  However, I was told at my first appointment if I hadn't heard from them and was concerned or wanted to know one way or the other to just call and they would be happy to give me my results.  If you're concerned just give them a call.
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  • I get email updates on all of my lab work so I usually know if not within the hour then within 48 hours so I don't have to wait for my midwife to call. It is really nice because my husband is a pharmacist so most of the time I get the results and they don't really tell you anything, but he knows how to read them so he lets me know what it says. I would be worried if you haven't been told yet, the glucose test is scary enough they shouldn't make you worry more!
  • imagebradandkatie:
    I would be worried if you haven't been told yet, the glucose test is scary enough they shouldn't make you worry more!

    Thank you! I'm more than certain they said they would call too, because they let me know where I had the lab work done the results can "take a couple extra days". Even if they don't typically call, I called them, they should call me back.

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  • My office only calls if the results aren't normal as well. In fact, I never heard anything about my GTT, and forgot to ask at my appt yesterday so I called this morning. Apparently my results were the best they've seen in a long time ::does happy dance:: :) 
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  • No, I don't get a call unless it's bad news.  But, all of my test results (along with what "normal" is, and an explanation of why they do the test and what results mean) is posted online for me to view, and I get an email when the results go up.  So, for example my GTT test results I could easily look up right when they were available, see that I got an 88 and that that's good, and I knew I wouldn't hear anything about it until I see my doctor again when she'll say, "yep, you passed that test no problems..." blah blah.  I loooooove our online system.  Email, test results, schedule/reschedule appts...all online.  It is so convenient.
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  • The only tests Dr. called about were at the very beginning.  Otherwise she makes me wait until she gets the results now.  So I usually find out that day what the results are.  I go pee in my cup or get my blood drawn or whatever that appointment is for, then go to my appointment with the Dr.  She measures me and checks baby's heartbeat and we talk for a bit.  Then a nurse or someone from the lab brings the results in and Dr. tells me (basically if I have a UTI or not.... they've been pretty constant since 14 weeks).  She shows me the paper some times, but I usually don't know what it all means. 

    Anyway, good luck!

  • I only get calls when the result is bad or abnormal. If I want to know the results before my next appt and they didn't call with the results, I call. I would be pist if I called and they didn't return my call though.
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  • At my dr's office, you get a call if it's bad news and a letter if it's good news. Still though, with my glucose test I had the letter within about 3 days. Definitely call!
  • my doctor's office ALWAYS calls with bad news but is fickle in terms of good news. sometimes they call, sometimes they dont which means my heart skips a beat any time i see their number, lol. i no "no news is good news" can be stressful but it seems to be a pretty standard practice. now, if you called specifically and told them you wanted good news, too, and they still didnt call you back then i would say that is entirely unprofessional. i would call every day till i got a response. if they treat you like youre being unreasonable then i would change practices. their job is to make you feel confident, safe and secure. 
  • Cleveland Clinic has something called "My Chart".  It keeps track of your medications, upcoming appointments, test results, etc.  I have had to have a ton of bloodwork done because of my clotting factor.  It's really nice because I get an email letting me know that My Chart has been updated.  Then I log in and see my results.  Sometimes they are a little hard to decipher, but most of the time I can tell whether the results are good or not. 

    I went in last Friday for blood work at about 11:00 am.  By 4:30, My Chart had been updated along with a note from my doc that said "Results good.  Continue with same dose."  I love the system and was impressed with how fast I had a communication from him.  I would be calling your doc again if I was you.

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  • Mine does not but they return the call quickly with the results when I call asking for them.
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  • I never get a call back with results. However, some of them are instant at my clinic. For instance they were able to give me results for the Glucose test right away, and the same with when I get a finger prick.

    I have never heard anything on my urine analysis, but I am confident that my doc would let me know if something was wrong.

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  • imagesapphirewolfkdv:
    My doctor's office only calls if the results are not normal.


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  • Nope they are no new and good news and that's fine by me.  However, if I call them about something and don't get a timely response I have no problem making a pest of myself.
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