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How can I tell if I'm showing or just bloated?

Almost at 12 weeks, and I definitely feel like my belly is bigger, but I feel bloated a lot so it may just be gas.  Anyway to tell?  My stomach is fairly squishy - doesn't feel like a baby!
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Re: How can I tell if I'm showing or just bloated?

  • I feel the same way.  Right now, I just look fatter, not really pregnant.

  • Can you breathe in and suck it in?  If its baby you can't.  At least that is what I am going by and what I have been told.
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    If you're smaller in the morning and bigger at night, it's bloat. If you can suck it in, it's bloat. If you have a bump when you wake up and it stays that size all day, through meals, etc, it's baby.
  • I'm almost 12 weeks, and my doctor confirmed it is still all bloat.  The baby/fetus and your uterus are still too small to be causing a real bump.  All our intestines are bloated right now from pregnancy, causing us to look more bump-ish/fat.
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  • For me, I'd say its a little bit of both. Down low its baby, up around my belly button its bloat. If you take your fingers and start at your belly button then slide them down can you feel your stomach get harder. I can actually feel a small bump, and from there down my stomach is super hard . That lower bump doesnt go away, but its also not really that visible.

  • It's hard to tell, isn't it? Won't it be nice when it's big and round and definitely baby? :)

    Right now I'm 13w, and I have a nice combo of bloat, bump and fat. : P Unlike some of the commenters, my lower tum is squishy (fat roll!) and right above that is harder (baby!) It definitely feels different than previous weeks, when all of it was a lot softer.

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  • I wonder this a lot too. The previous ladies make a lot of sense. I've been told that if you lay on your back and it's still there then it's baby? I guess bloat seems to shrink back in? I guess the "can you suck it in?" question is probably on the same lines?

    My stomach is already really hard. But what I'm not fully understanding is it's much harder under my rib cage than around my uterus area. I had a few extra pounds around my stomach prior to being pregnant so didn't expect to "show" so early. But it's already looking like I'm carrying a basketball under my shirt (well, a flatter one). I would think if it was bloat it would look more like fat (sides and such) and not so much like a small beer gut? lol.

  • Keep in mind, that even if it's not bloat, it might just be your organs moving up.  With your uterus growing, it's pushing everything else out of the way.
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  • I always have some extra chub in my belly.  For me the bloat to belly transition happens when I don't feel comfortable lying on my stomach anymore, which started in the past week or two.
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