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Has anyone used this practice? Are they any good? Not happy with my current RE. 

Re: Abington Reproductive Associates

  • We went there and LOVE them!  We'll probably be going back for #2 as well.  The dr's and nurses are fabulous both in Abington and Lansdale.  If you have specific questions - feel free to e-mail me....  [email protected]

    Good luck!


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  • Thank you Mary. We were thinking about going to the Lansdale office. Is there a specific Dr you would recommend?
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  • I saw Dr. Lee for my first few cycles but then she left.  Dr. Schienfeld adjusted the meds for our last cycle with them when we got pregnant.  He's funny but down to business as well. 

    Dr. Barmat did my hysteroscopy and LAP.  He was SO kind and gentle and followed up with me for the three days (which was on the weekend) afterwards.  I believe both of them are in the Abington office, though I'm not sure. 

    Honestly, you really can't go wrong with any of their doctors.  I can't speak highly enough of them. 

    Good luck.  Again, if you need anything....  even just to chat, feel free to e-mail me. 

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  • Thanks for all of your help  Mary. I really appreciate it. I will definitly email you if I have any other questions.
  • nattyknattyk member
    We used this practice, and really like them.  We started with Dr Barmat, who was very nice and really took the time to explain everything to us and make us feel comfortable.  After all of the testing during the first cycle, they determined a course of action for us, and it worked right away...they are my miracle workers.  =)  I also really like Dr. Nichols and Dr. Schienfeld.  This practice is very easy to work with, and always have openings in the schedule for when you need to be seen.
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  • Dr. Check at Cooper Institute is excellent!!!
  • Great doctors and nurses!
  • I am a current patient there. I go to the Paoli office and typically see Dr Sobel. I ended up getting pregnant on my own but am seeing them now for weekly ultrasounds until my reg ob appts start. They have really been great.

  • Sorry if this is late, we have been going to the Abington Office at Abington Reproductive since January and love all of the doctors and nurses there :)
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