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how do you make your own fruit sodas?  those sounded so good!

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    We buy fresh fruit, usually at Fiesta and make a thick juice in the blender with no sugar. It the fruit is too sour (for example passion fruit), we add some agave nectar. You can freeze this blend in ziploc bags or ice trays. 

    We serve 1/3 of fruit mix (the thick juice) and dilute with 2/3 of sparkling water (we use central market Italian sparkling water, available at HEB for $1.29/liter)

    Some fruits we like and can easily find fresh are guava, tangerine, tamarind, strawberries, and mango.

    We also use Goya brand fruit pulps. These are frozen pulps, not concentrate. It's the same thick blend that I described above. There are lots of varieties, and are available in the refrigerated section of Fiesta, and sometimes HEB and Walmart. 


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    yum yum yum

    I'm so going to have to do this.  One of my favorite things about traveling is all the different fruit drinks out there and this will be perfect for summer!

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    If you'd like to try Colombian food there's a good Colombian restaurant on Richmond . It's called "Mi pueblito" and it's on a strip mall accross the street from Blue Nile, the Ethiopian restaurant (which I would also recommend)

    Mi pueblito has homestyle food, just like eating at my grandma (not at my mom's because she's a horrible cook). You can have tons of different juices, or drink aguadepanela (sugar cane drink).  


    Restaurant.com has certificates for Mi Pueblito that you can use for a steep discount on dinner Monday to Friday. 


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