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nanny vs. in-home daycare

i'm debating.....  any thoughts or recommendations?  how did you all decide?

Re: nanny vs. in-home daycare

  • Definitely do your screening/interviewing as you'll want to feel 100% comfortable when the time comes to leave your lil one.  I am sure there are pros and cons to both.  We're going with a nanny in our home.  Perhaps you know someone that already has a nanny or is using in-home daycare and you can add your child to the mix?  I would talk with as many people as possible to get a wide-range of opinions.  I don't think there is a right or wrong answer, just how comfortable you feel with the individual caring for your child.  Smile

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  • i think in-home daycares can be great - because it feels like home, your little guy (or girl :) still has the opportunity to build social skills.  that being said, i've heard really great things about a caring nanny in Scottsdale.  good luck with your decision!
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  • Im an in home childcare provider. Before I worked in the home I had to put my oldest in daycare. We did tons of interviews and background checks before settling on an in home. The lady we picked to great care of our little man. Make sure your comfortable with whatever decision you make and do your research. 
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  • We decided to have a nanny because it offers more flexibility and personal attention for my she can take them to their lessons and help them with homework vs a daycare that has many other children to care for.  My kids are school-aged, so they are able to get social interaction there.

    If this is the route you decide to go, I definitely recommend using a referral service to find the perfect fit.  We used a website a few years ago and got lucky with a great girl, but she moved out-of-state and we never really replaced her.  Recently, we decided to hire again and were VERY disappointed with the quality of applicants on the free/low-cost websites.  We ended up going with a local referral company who actually pre-screened the applicants for us and provided background checks, etc.  She also offers a warranty if a problem comes up (which it did with one girl) and is a great sounding board if you are having a hard time deciding between applicants.

    It is a tough decision!  I wish you the best as you decide!

  • My sister who is moving down here from Seattle is going to college to become an Ultrasound Tech. She loves kids and is going to be living with us. She is going to be our live in nanny since we are having our first child EDD 11/7/11. :) I feel more comfortable having someone I know personally taking care of my baby and being able to be close with him rather than possibly not get the amount of attention he needs in daycare...

    Plus she helped take care of my brothers daughters who are now 5 and 3 years of age. She is great with kids and I am very confident in her to give the best care to our baby! :)

    I know not everyone has that option to be able to choose someone they know to watch their child but if you can that might be great or see if you can add your child to someone else's crew who has a nanny! :)

     Good luck!



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