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prayers for my nephew please - updated

Long story short, we were on vacation in Arkansas last week and my sister was supposed to drive up with my brother and all their kids on Thursday.  My brother backed out last minute because his wife was 36 weeks pregnant (with her third) and she didn't want him to leave. 

I get a call from my sister when she's in Memphis and she was frantic looking for my parents (cell reception up there is horrid.)

Anyway, my SIL went to her 36 week appt with both her kids, the baby's heartbeat was 248 and they were transporting her to the hospital ASAP while my brother was to meet them there and they were taking a nurse from the OB's office with them to watch the kids.  Thankfully my brother was on duty and was able to use his police car to meet them on the highway and get them to the hopsital quickly.

When they got there, they decided to do an emergency c/s with general anesthetic.  My sister texted me the c/s news at 12:12 and at 12:29 I got the text that it was a boy.  That was crazy quick.

Samuel Brooks was 7lbs 10oz and 20 inches long (a month early!) and was stable at birth.  He had several more instances of a high heart rate after birth and so at a few hours old, was transferred to the local Children's Hospital (where she gave birth didn't have a high level NICU) and admitted to the NICU. 

He's been diagnosed with atrial flutters and is on IV medication.  They're still fooling with the strength of the medication and haven't been able to stop the flutters yet.  Once they get the dosage right (if I understand it correctly) it will take five days for the medicine to take full effect.  Once he's not had an episode for 24 hours, they'll know the dosage is right, then start the five days.  After that, they'll switch him to an oral medication and watch him for another 24 hours.  He'll likely be on that oral med for his first year of life.  So he's looking at about a week or two in the NICU.

I know he's the healthiest baby in the NICU, which we are so very very thankful for, but still he's a baby in the NICU which means something isn't right, you know?  And given my sister's loss, we're just so scared and anxious now.

So lots of good thoughts & prayers for my nephew Brooks please and for his mom and dad as they adjust to this new reality and try to balance their two toddlers as well.



Brooks has been in sinus rhythm for 48 hours last night.  So last night, they switched him over to the oral meds and moved him to a crib!  They're starting to say he might go home by Friday - hip hip hooray!


Re: prayers for my nephew please - updated

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