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How many towels?

How many hooded infant towels do you have/did you have?  We only had 2 for Gavin that I remember and it was never an issue.  We already have 2 for baby sister, but I got 2 more this week as a gift.  I'm wondering if we need all 4 or if I should exchange them for something else that we do need.  WWYD?

Re: How many towels?

  • We had 4.  I really only used the 2 thick ones, the other two were very thin.  But dd really doesn't like them on her head so I just use a regular towel now.  I won't get any new ones for baby #2.
  • None.  We just used regular bath towels from day one.  We do have a boat-load of baby washcloths.  (Especially great to have the smaller soft ones dealing with a full week of pink eye hell.) 

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  • We have 4 and I'm glad we have them.  DS takes a bath every night as part of his bedtime routine.  
  • Umm.. we seriously got like 20.. I returned a few.. but kept more than I probably should have. Maybe a dozen? We basically used the same 3 over and over.  i liked the carters ones.. and not the rest of them..


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