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Dang, my mother does it again!

I swear there is something wrong with her! She lives about 15 min away.....and she hasn't seen R since Easter! I rarely invite her, because she always cancels (like every single time). My dad doesn't need an invite...he calls with "I am headed out, can I stop by?". He sees R at least 1x a week, so I am thankful for that.

So, back in May there was a bridal shower for my cousin (my mom's sister's daughter). Mom was supposed to be going, and tells me she is sick. But, I don't know this until I am there and text her. 

The wedding is tomorrow, so I ask her via text if she is going. More like....."you're going, right?". Nope, she "has other plans". BS.....you have known about the family wedding for awhile yet you make other plans? Mom and my Aunt are always on and off with getting along. I think it is more my mother who starts crap with her. But come on, it is a family event! We are even taking R since it is an outdoor wedding and reception!

Ugh, she drives me nuts. She is always calling me baby doll and mom of the year. She does stupid crap and then gets all nice. I honestly can see why my dad and her split so long ago....she is loony tunes! 

Thanks for the vent.  

Re: Dang, my mother does it again!

  • Our mom's must've been separated at birth. I feel ya. Hang in there!
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  • Aww, that is so frustrating.  MIL kills me too, but at least they live an hour away.  But she drives all the time in to Henrietta.  I tell her over and over - we live 15 min from henrietta.  One of us is always home with Ellie.  Stop over!  Call us and if I am off we will meet you in Henrietta and hang out with you while you do errands or whatever you are doing.

    The only time we see them is when we drive out there, which just doesn't happen a ton since DH and I rarely have days off together.  And when we do, we have to meet somewhere not at their house.  BIL&SIL are planning on moving this summer to the adirondacks, so now we will have to meet at the local mcdonalds or truck stop, ugh.

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