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OB recs at Tulane or LSU?

Hi all,

I am a native of BR, currently living in NC. My sister lives in NOLA just found out she's pregnant with her second child. She and her husband have BCBS with Medicaid as a secondary and she found out the OB she used with her daughter won't accept Medicaid anymore. She called Medicaid and they told her most docs are no longer taking Medicaid, even as secondary insurance.

My H and I attended LSU med school so of course I thought of the university based hospitals as an option for her with the Medicaid. I was wondering if anybody had any specific attending/faculty OBs affiliated w/ one of the universities that you could recommend to her. I'd rather not throw her into the resident clinics - often the attendings have their own "private" patients they see in clinic and deliver (although sometimes residents are also around in clinic/for delivery).

Looking through older posts I saw Dr Colon and Dr Grace, both affiliated w/ Tulane-Lakeside, recommended. I don't know if they'd take her insurance but I'll give her those names. Any other recommendations?

Thanks so much!

Re: OB recs at Tulane or LSU?

  • I would not recommended Tulane-lakeside or either doctor you mentioned. I've only had secondary experiences there, but they were not good. My sister just left dr. colon and switched to Ochsner. I have BCBS and go to Ochsner, and my sister has medicaid (not as a secondary, as a main insurance) and goes to Ochsner as well.

    I would tell her to at least tour Ochsner..I've had 2 kids there and LOVED it. Dr. C. Moore is my doc and she is FABULOUS. She's been so supportive of my wishes to go drug free, but she is all for epi's if you want them. She's also been a huge support since this pregnancy was quite a shock for us. I've also met Dr. Krueger and Dr. Gillispie at Ochnser, both very nice women.

    Good luck to your sister!! It's very nice of you to try to help her out like this. :)

  • You know I never even thought of Oschner and I had med school classmates do their OB training there!  Idea

    Thanks so much for the tips - I copied and emailed your post to her. I really appreciate it.

  • My OBGYN is Dr. Grace at Lakeside and I absolutely love everything about her.  This is my first child, so I can't say much about delivering at Lakeside, but I did have a D&C at Lakeside early this year and everyone was completely wonderful to me.  I had no complaints at all.

    If not covered by insurance, there are lots of great docs at Ochsner too.  Dr. Nicole Charbonnet is great, and Dr. Geoffrey Morris delivered both of my friends' babies. 

    If possible, she should try to just meet a bunch and see who she gets the best vibe from.  All these doctors are great in their own way, but everyone is different as far as who they really "click" with.

    Good luck to your sister!  I'm sure she will make the right decision.Big Smile 

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