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W(ork)R Vent

The state of Kansas, in it's infinate wisdom has decided that school activity fund, which is what I work with all day, now needs to be part of the whole school district's budget.  And, or course, the budget that we currently have isn't at all the format the state is requiring.  They want random things lumped together, and some things broken apart that we have lumped.  Our accounting software can not do this, it can not sort, it's a state required program.  It is going to cost the state over $1,000 to have me stay past my contract date to do this, all in hopes that they can find a $ or two to save in the education budget.

The extra paychecks will be fine for me, but what ticks me off the most if that I won't have hardly any time off now this summer and I won't get to sit on my patio and drink coffee every morning.

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