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Talked to DCP about PTing DS and...

his teacher basically told me he's not ready.

We told her our plan was to do the 3 day PT method in July and we went over what it was, how we would use it, and what we hope the outcome would be. His teacher said that they look for more indicators of readiness such as saying when they're wet or have pooped (he tells us when he poops....not so much when he pees), taking off and pulling up shorts, and staying dry for longer periods of time (which he does...most mornings he wakes up dry and will usually be dry once or twice when we go to change him during the day).

So now, I don't know what to do. Do we try the method in July, see how it goes and if he does well, tell the DCP that method worked for us and that we expect him to be in diapers? Or do we just wait for him to give us more indicators that his interested. One of the things we're up against is that we're having baby #2 at the end of November, and while we know its definitely manageable to have two in diapers, we would love to not!

Any advice would be much appreciated! TIA!

Re: Talked to DCP about PTing DS and...

  • PaigeoPaigeo member
    How old is your LO?  I would go ahead and try the 3 day method in July and just see how is goes.  My DD just finally PT right at 3.  We tried the 3 day method a little after 2 and she didn't seem to get it.  Tried again a few months later and again didn't seem ready.  Then at 3 we did the 3 day method and really after the 1st day something clicked and it was the easiest thing ever.  So for us waiting and not pushing made the process a lot easier.  Plenty of people manage to PT at 2 or 2.5 though so I think it is definitely worth a try.  If it doesn't seem to go well then wait a couple of months and try again.

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