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Booked mom's ticket!

I just booked my mom's flight to come after the baby is born!  I'm so excited.  I did all the leg work since she's so unfamiliar with flying.  She'll be flying in 4 days after my due date (so I'm hoping baby girl will be here by then!) and staying for 6 days.  She's super nervous about flying by herself, but I'm so glad that she's coming alone.  That's a huge relief. 

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    So glad everything worked out. Just tell her to focus on meeting her new granddaughter, and the time will just zoom by!
  • Glad it worked out. She'll be so excited to come meet the baby she won't even worry about flying alone. But, she could always get some Xanax or Valium from her doc to take before the flight! My husband is a very nervous flyer, and has to take something or else he ends up in a panic attack on the plane!
  • It is so nice to have your Mom there....glad that it worked out!
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  • Thats so great that she will be able to come down and spend time with you and the baby...

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