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mexican candy

for some reason i crave mexican candy a lot , for example the watermelon lollipops with chili on it and things like that . i prefer hot and sour things over sweets anyday but my husband said it can be bad since they have reported on the news that they have something called "plomo" which i believe is lead . does anyone know if it can be harmful to my baby? 
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Re: mexican candy

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    Plomo is the Spanish word for lead, which means it would be bad to ingest. However I'm going to assume you are in the US. That being said, our FDA would not allow any type of food to be sold that contains lead. So if it's something you're craving, eat it!!!

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    Alot of mexican candies do contain lead. And yes, they make it into the U.S. sometimes anyway.  I have seen a number of recalls on mexican candy, because of the lead issue. Personally, I would avoid it.
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    I've never heard of this before, so I googled it after reading your post, and it sounds as if there is lead in some of the Mexican candy available in the US. I found one site, www.leadinmexicancandy.com, that has info and a list of safe candies, so maybe there's a safe way to indulge your cravings! :) 
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    That being said, our FDA would not allow any type of food to be sold that contains lead.

    Not true.  And, the owners of independent grocery stores get VEEERRRRY squeamish when asked about the ingredients in their products as it relates to health and safety...especially when the questions come from a preggo woman.  Stick out tongue

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    I'd avoid it. It for sure can contain lead (I've heard particularly things with chili and tamarind) and does get into the country. I'm sure you can find some other sour things to eat! And YES lead is extremely toxic to anyone, but esp prenatally. It causes a lot of neurological issues.
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