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Daycare/Timing of Enrollment

We are still in the process of trying to conceive, but I wanted to start my research on different area daycares because I know the space is limited and I want to have my mind made up and get on a waiting list as soon as we get pregnant. I would like to stay in the New Orleans uptown/metro area but am willing to travel anywhere in the city, Metairie, etc. for good, quality daycare. What are some of the good daycares out there and how long did you all have to wait to be placed?

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  • go here search the parish and see if they have citations. Then go visit the facilities to see if they appeal to you and if you like the staff.

    I never waited for a spot in any daycare. 

  • I recently went throught the stressful task of finding a daycare. I researched a lot of nurseries and toured just as many. A lot of the facilities just placed your baby in the crib or a swing the whole day. I was very disappointed to see this. My choice in the end was Children's Place in Metairie. The teacher-baby-ratio is 3:1. Most daycares start at 5:1. The director is fabulous! She's caring, understanding and easy to reach at all times. She was the director at the Edelson House which is Metairie Park Country Day's onsite nursery for 15 years. She left there to start her own nursery. The teachers absolutely adore the children. They're very interactive with the children. Each child has one on one time with the teacher. So they are held throughout the day. The Metairie facility is their temporary location. They will start construction on their original location in Lakeview in Feb. 2012. I LOVE THIS NURSERY! :) My son loves it as well. Although I was not happy to place him in daycare at an early age (4 months), but I had to return to work. Children's Place alleviates some of the anxiety new Mom's feel when they have to leave their child in the care of others. I am completely comfortable with all the staff members who interact with my child. I know they all have his best interest at heart. Hope this helps in your search. Check them out online at


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