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Daycare KOP or West Chester/Frazer?

I looked back to old posts, but figured I would ask if anyone has any more recent recommendations.  I am looking for daycare in either King of Prussia or West Chester/Frazer area.  Still trying to decide if we want one near home or near the areas we both work.  

 I have a few tours lines up, but figure personal recommendations are always very helpful.


Re: Daycare KOP or West Chester/Frazer?

  • I just put a deposit down at the Malvern School in KOP, I was really impressed with the place.  I also saw Kinder care and Toddler Town and wasn't overly impressed with either of them.
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  • We use Kindercare on General Warren Ave. in Malvern. We have been there for 3 1/2 years and it's been a great experience. The infant teachers are WONDERFUL and everyone is very helpful. I really like the center because it's located in the back of a business park so it's off the main road. It just feels safer.
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  • My DD goes to Bright Horizons in KOP...we LOVE it..she has been there since she was 16 weeks.
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  • i looked 3yrs ago (but I WAH and don't do daycare)-- and the ONLY two I was considering (after seeing just about all of them in KOP) was bright horizons and the Malvern School in KOP
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  • We go to bright horizons in KOP and we are overall happy with the place.  It is the most expensive daycare in KOP but the quality is higher.  We also looked at Kindercare in KOP and Radnor, Malvern School, and Goddard School.  We thought Kindercare and Goddard was OK.  We did not like Kindercare in Radnor.  We also did not like Malvern School.  We overall did not get a good feeling about the place and the infant room did not require adults to wear shoe coverings.  They also only do full-time and at the time we did not know if we needed full-time or part-time.  Good luck.
  • Brandywine Childrens House. I used to work there and left because of the commute from Warminster to Malvern. They are located off of route 29 in the great valley corprate center (Great Valley Parkway)
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