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recommend your baby carrier

We have three baby carriers that no longer fit comfortably: a maya wrap, a playtex hip hammock, and an infantino front-2-back carrier. 

What baby carrier do you use? what would you recommend?

DD weights 27 lb. 



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Re: recommend your baby carrier

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    I would check out an ergo, babyhawk or a beco. DD weighs around 30 pounds and have carried her in a babyhawk and an ergo. I haven't tried a beco yet, but have heard great things about them.

    The only thing about the ergo that I don't like is that it's hard to see over DD head when she's in the front but I'm only 5 ft tall...that might have something to do with it. Back carry in an Ergo is VERY comfortably though.

    The babyhawk sometimes is a little annoying to deal with the ties, because if DD falls asleep they will start to loosen and then there's a bit of a strain on my back...but tighten them back up and no back pain.

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    We still carry our 2.5 year old (32lbs) in a back carry in our Beco Butterfly 2 - can't say enough good things about it
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    I have an ergo and a beco. I back carry my 2 year old in either, although I find the Ergo much, much easier for getting him on my back alone. With the Beco, I need help.
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