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Do I really need to buy maternity underwear?

Seriously, is it necessary? Can't I just wear my current stuff, and if I stretch it out get new cute undergarments after the pregnancy? 

Thoughts? Experience? 


Re: Do I really need to buy maternity underwear?

  • I am not doing the maternity underwear, I just went with the lower cut undies on a bigger size.
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  • Ha - I was wondering the same thing after I saw them at the store this weekend. I don't think you need maternity underwear unless your current underwear sit really high on your waist, but a second time mom would know better.
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  • I'm planning to wear normal stuff. I remember reading a thread a few weeks ago where someone mentioned Victoria's Secret bikinis worked well for them during their first pregnancy.

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  • I'd say no. I never did and mine stretched out a little bit, but nothing ever fell down. I guess you might need to buy a larger size depending on your personal weight gain. But that's about it. 
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  • with my DS, I resisted and resisted when it came to buying maternity underwear--I too thought that it was a load of crap!  BUTTTTTT...I found my regular underwear was really uncomfortable the last two months of my pregnancy.  I wear pretty low cut underwear to begin with, so it's not like it was up high on my belly or anything.  I can't really explain it, but when i put the maternity ones on it was SO much more comfortable! 

    PS: my butt got a lot larger too, so maybe that was it! :-)

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  • I don't plan on buying maternity underwear.  I am just wearing lower cut styles and when or if the time comes I will go up a size so that they are comfortable. 

    I don't see the point in spending the extra $$ just because the undergarment says maternity on it.  It seems silly.  I know that people do it, but I can think of lots of other things that I can be spending the extra money on right now.

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  • i'm a thong girl, so my response may be irrelevant to you. but so far, i can wear my regular underwear. but VS has the lacie thong and its one-size fits all and stretches. if my regular undies get too tight, i'll be investing in those.

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  • Here is my two cents...

    I bought new from Destination Maternity - Pea in the Pod Brand. My goal is that they wouldn't roll a little on the top when I sat down from my tummy.

    In my experience... they are really no different from my cotton panties. Still roll. I am just going to go buy regular low-cut ones in a larger size. I have a few pair that won't roll, so I am going to just go find more of them.


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  • My best friend said maternity underwear was a waste of money for her.  SO as long as I'm still comfy in my regular undies, I'll keep wearing them.

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  • I was just thinking I could buy the next size up for thongs.  I usually wear briefs "granny panties" for working out and just figured I could buy a larger size in those from the Hanes Her Way line or Jockey outlet store.  I have already discovered that "granny panties" might be my friend during these next few months. 
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  • I already have a non pregnancy fat belly!  And I think I will be fine with my reg panties...  those maternity ones look like they come up to your belly button!!
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  • imagejseaton61:

    i'm a thong girl, so my response may be irrelevant to you. but so far, i can wear my regular underwear. but VS has the lacie thong and its one-size fits all and stretches. if my regular undies get too tight, i'll be investing in those.

    I have the ones you are talking about, the lacie one-size fits all. They are beyond comfy and I am hoping to wear them throughout the pregnancy. They are low-cut and super stretchy so I'm hoping they will work.  I did order some low-cut bikini bottom ones too though for night time, and so far they are doing the trick. 

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  • My mom bought me a three pack when I was pregnant with my first.  The idea seemed so incredibly silly to me.  I mostly wore my regular old underwear, but damn that maternity underwear was soooo much more comfortable.  I didn't ever go buy anymore, just wore the three pairs and then my regular stuff the rest of the time.  Did the same the second time around.  And will do the same this time, although I'm considering another three pack to get me through most of the week.  It really is way more comfortable, I don't even know why, but it is.


    ETA:  Mine were low cut bikinis so they didn't come up to my belly button or anything like someone mentioned maternity undies did.  I haven't actually ever shopped for it so I don't know what kinds they have out there.

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  • I mostly wear VS thongs and I wore them all throughout my last pregnancy and I didn't have a single problem with them stretching out...I was still wearing them after the pregnancy with no problems.  

    For me, maternity underwear would be a huge waste of money.  But, to each their own.   

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  • I have maternity underwear and really do love them. I received them as a hand me down from my SIL. (She never wore them (sad story) they were still in the original packaging, about 5 packages of them).?

    I'm a lot more comfortable in them than my regular underwear. I like that they do sit a little higher than my regular ones and they stretch a bit, putting less pressure on my bump, since I've had a ton of bloating. The cut is a lot better (more coverage).?

    Though, if they weren't free, I'm not sure if I would have bought them. I've had a good experience with them, at least.?

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  • I'm not buying it.  I ended up buying high-cut undies in a bigger size and they fit just fine and are SOOOOOOOO comfy!
  • I have never used maternity underwear. I wore my regular underwear and I was pretty Huge by the end with both my girls. A couple pair got stretched out but no big deal.   I did buy some cotton undies from walmart or target for like $10 a pack for in the hospital because I knew they would just get gross. 
  • No.  I got a couple of really good deals on maternity underwear during my first pregnancy so I bought some.  The low cut maternity underwear stopped fitting me at 7 mos pregnant, whereas my regular underwear fit me all 9 months.  My maternity underwear is better fitting when I am not pregnant.  Go figure!
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  • No. If you find a comfy pair that you are nervous won't fit through pregnancy then buy a size larger.

    Through my last pregnancy I wore my one-size fits all Hanky Panky underwear the entire time and plan to do the same now.

    The only thing I recommend is be ready to have someone run out and buy you extremely high waist underwear if you have an unexpected c-section because you will not want anything anywhere near your incision.

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  • VS has the best undies... go there and get some new cute things... you don't HAVE to get maternity unless you want to.
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  • Why not go camando? Cheap AND easy. :D
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  • imageMrsFweather:
    Why not go camando? Cheap AND easy. :D

    Awesome answer.


    What great responses! I feel better...I'll just go as long as I can with my current stock of regular underroos!  

  • I had to buy a bigger size since my butt has grown, but the same style.
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  • I didn't buy maternity underwear last time, but I did buy a couple packs of Hanes Her Way cotton panties.  I had a skin tag right on my underwear line that rubbed and hurt when I walked, and the bigger undies helped that.

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  • I didn't buy maternity undies the whole time I was pg with DS.  I just wore what I had and then bought a few pairs of bikini briefs (I normally wear thongs) at the end to wear with pads.  This time, my regular undies got tight early on (and most were getting old anyway), so I bought some cheaper thongs from Target in the next size up.  They're very comfy and are way below my bump.  I should be able to wear these through the rest of the pregnancy.
  • I didn't last time, but might this time.
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  • I just bought a few pairs of cheap as dirt Hanes granny panties.  Not only did they work during the pregnancy, but postpartum as well.  And since they were so cheap, I didn't care about them getting all bloody.  In fact, wore them in the hospital OVER my mesh undies because I felt like everything was falling down with just the mesh ones.  That one made the nurse laugh...
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  • I used to be a thong girl, but stitches after delivery have turned me off to them for a long time-- I still wasn't wearing them at 5 months postpartum when I got pregnant again. I wore VS bikinis the whole pregnancy last time.
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  • Depends on what you're comfortable in.  I find the stretchy maternity underwear to be more comfortable and 1 size fits throughout pregnancy rather than having to buy multiple sizes

    ETA:  Motherhood underwear is way cheaper than VS, so it's less investment to buy that than regular underwear a size up


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  • Wow you got a lot of responses! 

    I just wanted to say have a pair or 2 handy for after a cesarean that are NOT low-cut because even if they are loose elastic, the mere rubbing of the edge of the panties on your lowers is ouchy.

    And commando is awesome- except for the sheer number of bodily fluids that come with pregnancy! I had a false alarm on Christmas morning. Thought my water broke. It was 38 weeks, so it made sense. Turns out it was "vaginal fluids." Not even urine. It soaked my pants! Ick!  

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