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Potty Training

Is he ready or should I wait?

My son is turning two in 2 weeks, and I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with my second. My son has recently been tugging at his diaper when he has to go... and if I ask him if he has to pee he will say yes. he will then walk into the bathroom, and pull his pants down,  but when i put him on the toilet he screams and struggles to get off like he is scared he will fall in. (on both the toddler toilet and the regular one with the toddler seat attached)  He has voluntarily gone into the bathroom before and sat on the toilet and pooped, then flushed. (but the lid was down!!) when i take him in there he always tries to put the lid down. Is this a fear that persistance will fix, or is he just not ready yet? Advice?
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