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XP: Pediatrician Recs

can anyone recommend a pediatrician that is accepted by cigna healthcare?!? i would pefer their office in scottsdale or central phx. tia!!



Re: XP: Pediatrician Recs

  • I don't know about Cigna, but my doctor gave me a list of ones she recommened and I also spoke with several friends before picking.  Below is a list of the ones I most frequently heard good things about, in no particular order.

    Scottsdale Children's Group

    Camelback Peds

    Popago Butes Peds

    North Scottsdale ePeds 




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  • We go to Paradise Pediatrics on Tatum and Shea...we LOVE it!
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  • we really love Dr. Patel at Desert Sun Pediatrics on Tatum
  • We go to North Scottsdale Pediatrics on Scottsdale and Deer Valley and love it.  They also have another office in the same parking lot as the Shea hospital.
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  • We have Cigna and are extremely pleased with North Scottsdale Pediatrics.  They have two locations and we've visited both.  One of their locations is near Scottsdale Shea Hospital at 92nd Street and Shea.  The other location (the one we go to more frequently) is at Scottsdale Road and Deer Valley (north of the Loop 101).
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