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I have got to get DS potty trained

He is missing out on so much.  There are programs at the YMCA and Church that he cannot attend because he's not potty trained. 

Worst part is he is showing NO interest.  We have the potty and he will sit on it but I dont think he even understands what to do.  We tried training once but it was a complete disaster.  I put underwear on him which he LOVED but the first accident he had he FREAKED out, uncontrollably upset and the entire time I was trying to calm him down, tell him it was ok, mommy wasnt mad, we can wash the underwear etc.   He could care less if he sits in a wet or messy diaper and even throws a fit when we have to change his diaper, its a complete ordeal every time. 

He turned 3 in March and I really  would like to get him started in a 2 day a week preschool program this fall but I cant if he's still in diapers.  

Looking for any advice/suggestions!

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Re: I have got to get DS potty trained

  • PaigeoPaigeo member
    DD turned 3 in April and just finally really caught on to potty training.  We tried the 3 day potty training method in January and it didn't go terrific so I figure we would take a break and try again.  We tried it again 2 weeks ago.  The 1st day was tough but then something seemed to click and we have had only a couple of accidents since.  We loosely followed the 3 day method and just threw out the diapers and didn't look back.  We also got a potty training sticker chart.  She got a sticker for every time she peed, pooed and also a sticker if she went a whole day without an accident.  Told her that if she filled it up we would get her a playset for out back (were planning on getting one anyway).  Even put a picture of it on the fridge.  This seemed to help but I think the biggest thing was waiting till she was ready.

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