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pool fences?


did you all install them yourselves?  or hire someone?  any recommendations?  we definitely have a little while before it's a necessity, but with all the sad news lately, i really don't want to wait.  i want to get the fence up now, so we don't have to worry about it after the babe arrives :)

Re: pool fences?

  • Check the regulations for the city where you live.  According to the City of Phoenix, once a pool fence goes up, it can't come down (which I find ridiculous for them to tell me what can and can't happen on my property - but I digress).

    Also, you can do it yourself if you want, we plan on fencing in our patio ourselves.  Or you can pay to have someone install it. Its all your preference. 

     I'm interested in the Katchakid pool net cover.  I need to get a price quote from them, but kids can get over and through fences, I like the idea of the surface of the pool being locked off with a net.

  • We did it ourselves, but it was a huge pain.....  Did you check out Arizona Childproofers?  I know they do pool fences.... not sure how expensive they  There's also a place called Pool Guard by Maloney's.....  GL!

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  • We are getting ready to put one in.  We went with the fence over the net b/c it is easier to use, if you don't reattach the net properly then the dangers are worse.  I felt like closing a gate was easier to do properly.  A lot of pool guys won't service pools with the net, not sure if you have a pool guy, but you may want to ask.  

     We are using baby guard.  We went with them b/c I liked that the owner came out and met with us for the quote.  I also looked at All Safe & Arizona Childproofers.  They are all pretty much the same, IMO, but we picked Baby Guard. 

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