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3D/4D advice?

Any suggestions on places for ultrasounds?  I have an appt at First Look on Fri. but I hear that you do not get pictures right away?  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.  thx!

Re: 3D/4D advice?

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    A lot of OBGYNs do the 3d/4d in their office. Have you checked with yours? The u/s tech at my dr's office did mine. I don't know why, but the idea of getting an u/s anywhere else buy my dr's office kinda skeeves me out. And we got our pictures on a CD the same day. They printed larger ones that I had to go back and pick up, but we were able to view the pics at home on the CD.
  • There is a place on West Espanade I think its called Sound Diagnostics.  You get the pictures right then and there and you also get them on a CD.
  • I went to First Look and I received my images on a disc right away. They were great :)
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