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3DPT success story

I did this over Memorial day weekend.

I started on Friday evening when we got home from work/day care. On our way home we bought a new potty (this is our 2nd - one for each floor).  When we got home she was excited so we tried the underpants.

She went to bed with no problems and when she woke in the morning we went right to potty (yippee, we did it).

But....Saturday was a different story.  By the time she told me she had to potty - the floor was already soaked.  We went through 12 pair of underpants - my frustration leevel was through the roof  - I felt like I was failing!  But - I stuck with it.  Kept telling her how proud I was, checking for dry undies, reminding her to tell me - I felt like Positive Polly!

Seriously - I was ready to give up.  I wanted to get out of the house.  I was tired of being cooped up and not able to do anything.  I felt bad for keeping DD in on such a beautiful weekend, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Then Saturday evening - it happened - DD said "Mommy - I have to go potty"  and I was off like an olympic runner.  Scooped up DD ran to potty - pull down panties - and - YES - she peed!  and the underpants were dry - I was going to cry!

And - that is where the accidents ended!  We went all Sunday and Monday accident free.  We even went out to Rita's on Monday and had no problem!

We make her "try" to pee before every nap/bedtime, as soon as she gets up from nap/bedtime, and befor enay outing.  Other than that we let her tell us when she wants to go.

She did have 2 accidents at daycare yesterday - but I have a feeling this was the teacher not listening to DD.  Once we got home yesterday -and all morning today - no accidents.

Seriously - I can not believe that it worked - but I am so happy that it did!

Everyone keeps telling me that you can't potty train in 3 days - I say - Yes you can!

 DD will be 26 months this weekend!

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