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For NoVA - two is wonderful

List all of the reasons it's wonderful to have two kiddos. Note: If you are trying to avoid a BFP, stay out of this thread! Big Smile

I'll start: this is the look on Meredith's face when she saw her brother for the first time: 


She was so overjoyed to meet him. 

She's so nurturing and protecting of him. The way she'll hug him or plant a kiss on his forehead or cheek melts my heart. Now that he's older, they play together, and which in turns keeps them both out of my hair. I still get a lot of "Get him out of my room" and "Mom, Alex messed up my...." but in general they get along pretty well. They also keep each other occupied in the car. Mer will sing to Alex or hand him toys or even reach out and hold his hand if he's fussing while I'm driving. It's so wonderful to watch them grow up together and see the bond that they have.

I had a girl, then a had a boy, so I now I get to shop in all sections of Gymboree. That's a perk. Shopping is always fun.

Oh, and then there are the cynical reasons to have more than one. If you've got more than one, you've got more than one to take care of you in your old age. Stick out tongue More kids = better odds of having grandkids. Let's say your first is a slacker and doesn't want to make grandbabies for you to spoil. Well, there's always kid 2. 

Am I helping? Are you feeling better yet, NoVA? 


Re: For NoVA - two is wonderful

  • Sometimes when Spence has a bowl of snacks, he'll go over to Coop and place a goldfish in Coop's mouth.  And then there's the giggling as they do something naughty in another room.  The kisses they give each other, the chats they have just before bedtime or in the morning.  They play together so well that sometimes I don't even have to be there.  They're definitely yin and yang, you can't have one without the other.  When they're separated, they always ask for the other one.  They have a built-in playmate and BFF, how perfect is that?

    My sister and I are 3.5 yrs apart and we're BFFs, I cannot imagine my life without my sister.  She's the first person I call when I get news of any sort.  She's my sounding board, she's the person I cry to when I need a shoulder.  

    Siblings are the best.

  • image mcgee:

    Am I helping? Are you feeling better yet, NoVA?  


    Aw, thanks mcgee!  That picture just made my heart melt.  This is definitely helping :-) 

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  • MrsAJLMrsAJL
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    When Molly is crying, Ben will lean over her and say, "Shhh, Baby Molly. It's ok. I love you."

    When I go to pick up Ben at preschool, he runs over to Molly in the stroller and says to the whole class, "This is MY baby Molly!  Come see MY baby."

    Molly can't take her eyes off of her brother and she will coo and giggle at him every time she sees him.

    When it's time for Ben to go to bed, he gives Molly a kiss on the head and will say, "That one is for the sweet dreams."


  • When they make each other giggle, like on purpose to cheer the other one up. Seriously, its heart melting.

    Ryan calls for Megan to come play with him.  He'll hide in his room and shout "May May, May May" and then run and hide.  The other night the two of them decided to skip bath all together and instead play in DH and my closet for like 20 minutes, just hiding and finding each other over and over.  I just stood and peeked through the door watching them. 

    Megan loves to try and teach Ryan new words she'll say something like "Say Bamboo Ryan" and then Ryan says "Bamboooo" and then they both crack up in hysterics.  I serioulsy don't know what's so funny about the word bamboo but everytime they say it they both laugh :-)

    Oh and then there is this


    (Taken by Lyndsay

  • O.M.G.  These stories are slaying me.  I want another baby.

  • image Slobina:
    O.M.G.  These stories are slaying me.  I want another baby.

    UGH, I know.  It's hard for me to be here these days.  I can't wait to see Steven as a big brother.

  • Oh man.  Here we go.  I am going to hold off until A is a year old, but I think I've been convinced.  I'm sure a visit to mlf's and seeing those sweet sibs will push me over the edge.
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  • When J wakes up these days instead of calling out "mama" or "dada"  he calls for "Aaaabby!" So cute! 

    Abby has always been J's favorite person ever.  When he was a baby for a long time she was the only person who could get him to laugh. 

    They still have their moments of fighting and bickering (um now) but for the most part they play really well together.  

    I LOVE it when they give each other spontaneous hugs, melts me heart. 

    Abby has always been pretty helpful with her brother.  Getting diapers for me, helping calm him, entertaining him.

  • That picture is absolutely adorable!
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  • image brideonjuly8:

    image Slobina:
    O.M.G.  These stories are slaying me.  I want another baby.

    UGH, I know.  It's hard for me to be here these days.  I can't wait to see Steven as a big brother.

    Same here :( 

  • Aw NoVA, you know you got this!!

    I have countless stories but the two most recent are:

     1) Excuse the crappy pic, but I could not resist when they were having such a great time laughing and loving on each other in the backseat just this past week-end on the way home from a birthday party:


    2) K1 always tells K2 he loves him and gives him kisses on the head, but recently when K1 was having a meltdown and crying, K2 said to him "It's ok, K1. It's ok. Don't cry. You're ok" and then went over to give him a hug. It was the sweetest thing!!

  • This post is making me feel a lot better. The one about all the bad things about two was making me feel a little worried.
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  • My sister has two girls (ages six and eight) and it is SO freaking cute to watch them play together. They love to make up games, do ballet together, and can play with their Barbies and dolls for hours. It is so funny to eavesdrop and hear them playing and burst into giggles. My older niece will help the younger one with her homework and they pick out clothes for each other.

    My sister and I are two years apart and were the same way once I was old enough to not annoy her constantly. We are really close and call and text each other all the time. She's the one person in the world who knows and "gets" everything about me.

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  • Oh, where to begin?!?  I LOVE having two.  So much that I can't decide if I want a 3rd, because I'm not sure I want to rock this sweet little boat.  The kids LOVE each other.  Last weekend I took DS to the store alone.  He spent the whole time asking for his sister, pointing out things his "bubbita" likes (bubbita = his pet name for DD), etc.  We were at a birthday party the next day and there was a lot of chaos, kids running all over, and I saw DD get knocked over.  Before I could get to her, DS walked over and crouched down beside her to give her a hug.  She stopped crying and went back to playing.  After their naps, DS wants to crawl into DD's crib.  They'll hide under a blanket and laugh and laugh.

    Sure, they'll have their moments, but I truly think a sibling is the best thing we ever gave DS.  He's so empathetic and loving and I know it comes from having had a baby around from the time he was so little. 

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    I'm sure a visit to mlf's and seeing those sweet sibs will push me over the edge.

    Unless somebody eats poop. 

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