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Pre-K Program in Jax Beaches area?

Hi Mamas-

My family and I are moving to Atlantic Beach this summer, and I was hoping to start my soon-to-be-5-year-old in Kindergarten this August.  BUT, his birthday is a month after the cutoff date, and apparently the school won't even consider enrolling him (we've been living in Germany, and he has been attending a German Kindergarten for 2 years, so we feel he's ready).  At any rate, I need him to be involved in some kind of school situation, so he can meet new friends, and so I don't lose my mind (we have a 7 month old, also).  I'm having a really hard time finding a pre-k program that's not a 'head-start' type of thing which doesn't cost an insane amount of $$$ (the Montessori schools and the Beaches Episcopal School are CRAZY expensive).




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