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Hi ladies! The last Red Tent was so amazing, we scheduled another. This is NOT a business venture, this is simply a time for women who are pregnant or already have had children to come together and hear amazing, real birth stories.

Last red tent, we heard about a planned cesarean, a few unplanned and emergency cesareans, empowering epidurals, natural births, birth center births, and home births. EVERY birth story is encouraged and we would love to hear yours!

Saturday, July 23 ? 5:30pm - 9:00pm

Young and Restless
3468 Ella Blvd.
Houston, TX

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Houston is having a red tent!


A red tent is a woman's only event intended for women of all ages:

- The young girl who has just started asking the tough questions about sex, pregnancy, birth, and parenting.
- The pregnant woman who is looking forward to her first birth.
- The seasoned mother who has wisdom to share with her sisters.
- The Matriarch who is done having children of her own but would like to support the next generation.


It is a woman's gathering place. Red to symbolize passion, love, the heart of the family, and the blood sacrificed to bring our children into the world.

A red tent is intended to provide a safe listening space for women of all ages to share birth stories and foster community. At the Houston Red Tent, women will share their birth stories surrounded by a community of women who support their story through deep listening. Telling birth stories can be a very powerful way to process birth as well as a way to get to know how mothers in our community are birthing.


Storytelling is an ancient ritual with tremendous power and value in society. The more we tell our stories the more we know the oral history of our lives and greater probability that we will be inspired to take action. Storytelling has the power to heal and transform our lives on a profound level. With maternity care systems ailing so deeply it is crucial to tell our birth stories, celebrate the happy ones, heal from the unhappy ones, and unite as a community to create the best births possible for mothers.


We will have food and refreshments, so please come ready to dine. We will also have drawings for numerous giveaways to pamper and heal the mothers body, mind, and soul.

Come with an open heart and wear your favorite red clothing, whether it be a scarf, a shirt, or a dress.

Please plan on attending and bring your sister, mother, daughter, friend, cousin, grandmother, or neighbor.

To RSVP, go here

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