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My new celebrity crush

Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0. Cute and hilarious. My perfect combo. (thought he's a bit skinny for my liking)


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Re: My new celebrity crush

  • I <3 Tosh.0!


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  • MrsW007MrsW007 member
    Before he was popular he came to our midnight pancake dinner when I was in college.  I'd say that was 6 or years ago.  Not too bad looking. 
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  • His stand-up shows are funnier than Tosh.0.  He's super obnoxious on the show, but more scripted during his stand-up routines, IMO.
    Batman likes to watch cartoons on the weekends. Whatever.

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  • Ugh I don't think he's funny at all.

    "I stammered, unable to form a coherent thought because I have a vagina."



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