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Bladder Infection while pregnant?

I had to go to the ER this weekend for a bladder infection (of course on a holiday weekend when I'm out of town!) and they said it had to be treated right away b/c the infection can cause a miscarriage and puts stress on the baby. While I was there I heard the heartbeat and was put on antibiotics. Would you still be worried? I'm having a hard time thinking things are okay again. Would you go in for another heart beat check soon or wait til my next appointment which isn't for another month? Just wondering how paranoid I'm being...

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  • I had a "undiagnosed" UTI. I called my OBs ofice with killer symptoms and the nurse called in a prescription for me. I called the office when I was done with the antibiotic to go in for a test and culture to make sure the infection was gone. If your worried call and tell them your concerns and they should try to get you a sooner appointment to get you checked.
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  • I would call my OB and see what he/she has to say. ?My OB said he'd always rather ease my mind than have me at home for a month worrying. ?And then again maybe they can reassure you over the phone that everything will be fine. T&P your way.?
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  • It's worth calling to ask.  Some will retest you after the round of antibiotics have left your body (the length of time differs based on the length and strength of the course of antibiotics) and some won't.  If you want to be sure the infection is gone, ask them to retest you at least several days after you've finished the antibiotics. 
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  • I would definitely follow up with my OB, especially since you weren't seen by him/her in the ER.  At the very least, they tell you will be fine and don't need to come in until your next appointment.  Otherwise, they have you come in for a check.  Either way, you should get some reassurance from a call. 

    ETA: I hope you feel better soon.

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  • I agree with PPs about calling your OB.  I would think that any OB whose patient went to the ER, for any reason at all, would want to know right away.  In the meantime, I am sure you caught it in time if they just sent you home- and your baby is 100% okay!  And if you are still concerned, take your temp often- anything high, call the doc or go to the ER.  As I'm sure you know, a high temp is a sign of infection.

    GL & hope you are 100% healthy ASAP!

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  • Don't worry yourself too much --- bladder infections cannot cross between you and baby --- what they worry most about is any stress it could put on baby due to fevers, etc.

    Just take the meds, relax and drink insane amounts of water - baby is going to be fine.

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