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I was so naive

We are getting ready for IVF #1.  I was just looking at some of the meds and I got to thinking how I never thought I would be here.  I was so naive when we first started TTC.  We got married in August and I thought "Eh we'll try on our honeymoon in November so I can drink and enjoy our honeymoon."  Well we decided to try before the honeymoon and I found out on our last day in Hawaii that I got AF.  So then I thought, "Okay I'll get pregnant in December and the baby will be due in September."  I never thought it would be this difficult.  I never thought that a year and a half later we would be doing something like IVF.  

 I know there are some out there that new from the very beginning that they would have difficulties getting pregnant naturally.  We weren't that couple.  We fall into the "unexplained" category.  I can't believe how much disappointment we've had in the last year and a half.

Thanks for letting me vent. :) 

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Re: I was so naive

  • I'm sorry you're feeling down. I knew I'd have a little trouble, but I still only thought it would take 6 months at most. I know it feels like a huge letdown, but hopefully we'll all get our BFPs soon. Much luck with your IVF cycle.
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  • katib77katib77 member

    We, too, were a naive couple.  We waited a month after getting married because I wanted to be able to drink during our towns annual fest that both DH & I are a big part of.  I thought there was a possibility of getting PG that first month because my BFF got PG on her honeymoon, and my brother and his wife always got PG within three months of trying.  I always had thought that I'd be PG within three or four months.  Guess it never would have mattered if I went off the pill a month earlier or not. 

    Good luck on your IVF cycle!!

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  • I am so sorry you are feeling down.  Big hugs to you and lots of luck.  
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  • ((hugs)) I'm sorry, it sucks that you just never know, it is hard that life is so unpredictable at times :(
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  • It sounds like we are in the same place right now. We waited a year after getting married, because I wanted to be in the right place career-wise. And sure, I'm a little older, but I'm healthy, I have normal cycles, I figured everything would be fine. There's no way we were going to have any trouble getting pregnant. Clearly, I was mistaken. 

    Good luck to you with your IVF! I'm sorting through all the paperwork and scheduling now and wow, is it overwhelming!  

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  • I was definitely in the group that knew there would be an issue, in fact I was told at 16 that it was "unlikely" that I would ever get pregnant on my own. So last year when I did get pregnant it was a shock (even though we had been trying for 9 months at that point). What I was naive about was my assumption (after the shock of getting ku on our own faded) that I would STAY pregnant and approximately 40 weeks later would bring home a baby.

    I miss my naivete. 

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  • imagetst1998:

    Good luck to you with your IVF! I'm sorting through all the paperwork and scheduling now and wow, is it overwhelming!  

    My head is still swimming just from the list of meds.  We go in for our suppression check on Friday to get the schedule for injections etc.  Overwhelming is an understatement! ha. 

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  • Thanks everyone :)
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  • BRBR member
    I hear you.  I feel robbed of what should have been an exciting time, trying and getting our first positive.  Here I am two years later with no answers and dwindling hope.  But, I have to believe it will happen for us one day. 
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  • I'm sorry you're feeling down. A lot of us have realized that we too were so naive about TTC. DH and I are unexplained also. We and close friends thought we would get PG within a few months max. But as time crept on and still no BFP, reality set in and it hurt. And was extremely frustrating when no one could figure out what is wrong to fix it. Hang in there and take it one step at a time. In the beginning I never considered IVF because I thought there was no way we would need it. But two years later, here we are gearing up for a FET. You're not alone and I wish you and your DH the best of luck.
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  • aldarraldarr member

    I'm sorry!! I hear ya though, I never thought we would have a problem either. I was always getting AF every 28 days like clockwork. My husband wanted to TTC right after our wedding but I wanted to wait 6 months so we could save some money, go on vacation, friend's wedding, etc, etc. ugh...

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