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2nd Trimester

Different sounds on doppler

All of you who've been using dopplers -- have you identified all the sounds you hear?

So far I know baby's heartbeat, umbilical cord (my flow and baby's), interior placenta, and other areas of blood flow in my belly.

Gas and intestinal sounds are the "gloob, blurp" sounds, right? Sometimes as I'm pressing over a spot, it sounds like I disturb a bubble of gas, and I get that sound. Lovely! lol

So what about the baby itself? Anybody identified baby movement? It's so noisy in there that I have a hard time isolating anything that sounds to me like baby. Seems like everywhere I press these days, I hear blood flow or heartbeat. It's hard for me to even get the "haunted forest" uterus sounds.


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Re: Different sounds on doppler

  • sounds fun haha, where did you get your doppler? Ive always wanted to have one
  • jenb_99jenb_99
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    BabyBeat. They had the best prices.

    I rented this one: http://www.babybeat.com/bb150a.html

    It has a recorder, so I can save sound files and send them to my family. I saved more than $20 a month by opting for the one without a display. I just set a timer for 15 sec, count the beats, and multiply by 4 to get the BPM.

    I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms to speak of, so it's been a great way to make the pregnancy "real" for me. It's a nice way for my husband and me to bond with each other and the baby, since we listen at bedtime.


    DS: 11/8/11 | 9 lb 7 oz, 22 in
    DD: 5/22/14 | 9 lb 9 oz, 21.5 in

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    You might not be able to hear movement on your doppler, but I was at L&D at 18 weeks and they could hear it on the one they put on my belly. I've heard it on my doppler a few times at home and it sound like something moving quickly through water, almost like a muffled splash. 
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  • I was told that the "white noise" that you hear is from the baby moving. It makes sense to me because when I hear that noise I also lose the HB and have to search for it again which tells me the baby moved.

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