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I'm 4'11" and am looking at cribs. I recently had back surgery and want to avoid having any further back issues. Any suggestions on a good crib for someone my height now that drop-side cribs are considered not safe? Thanks

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  • I think I recall reading somewhere that the IKEA cribs were shorter. I plan on going to check them out at the store in the next few weeks. 
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  • Your so cute! Yeah I'm 4"10 and I got the Madison Crib and thank God it lowered enough..but I'm still short so it was still a little struggle for Glad I'm not the only short one here..he he...Don't worry to much about will come along and you will find ways to do it.. :) good luck hun!


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  • I would just keep trying to look at all the places that sell cribs and maybe take a few height measurements of them and compare. Im 5'0 and didnt really have a problem when I went and looked around but then again I dont really have back issues but good luck!!!!!
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  • I have seen pictures of cribs that have a 4 inch section on the top that folds out. But I don't remember where, sorry.

    I am 5'1" and I just used a small step stool with DD and was fine. I also have a bad back from a motorcycle accident and this helped with not straining my back more than necessary.

  • I am 4'10" and have been wondering how difficult it will be to get a baby in and out of a crib.  I was thinking about the ones that had a side that lowered, but then I read about how dangerous they are.  So those are out!  I may just have to use a stool. 

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  • I am 5'2 and we have the ikea Gulliver crib. It works really well for me!
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  • I agree with the Ikea Gulliver crib! I'm 5'4", and most cribs come up right below my boobs. The Gulliver only comes up to around my belly button. It has good ratings too, and is cheap!

  • What about finding one that is pretty short (or has one of those sides that look like a " ) " but laid over? Then you can always get hubby to get a saw and chop the feet of the crib off to lower it even more? On my crib, cutting the feet off would drop it about 10 ins or so.
  • I'm 4'11 as well!!!!  We have a convertible crib (Baby Appleseed-Davenport) and it kinda swoops down in the middle (hard to explain) so it's a tad bit easier...HOWEVER, once that mattress goes down to the lowest point (when your baby starts to stand up), there is no way you are reaching down there comfortably.  I have a tiny little ottoman that I used to stand on to get my son out.  So annoying! 
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