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Good Speech Before PT?

DS is 21 months and I know a lot of moms (of girls) who are potty training.  I haven't started yet and haven't even bought a potty (but will be soon).  He doesn't really talk a lot. He has words and has occasionally said dirty (after a poop) but it's not consistent nor would I consider him understandable yet.

I was thinking his speech and ability to let me know when he had to go should be better before starting but I wanted to ask here.  (And please forgive me if asked before.) Thanks all.


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Re: Good Speech Before PT?

  • My daughter's speech is pretty behind but she was able to figure out words/signs for potty pretty quickly.  She will use a combination of telling me "peepee" "poopoo" or signing potty to tell me she needs to go.  She doesn't use pee or poo correctly yet (sometimes says pee when she needs to poop and visa versa) but even without her talking well she gets her point across.  That being said the only reason we PT'd at this age was because she was ready-she was watching older girls and wanted to do it herself so we just followed her lead.  I think had she not pushed for it we would not have tried until her language was a bit better. 
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