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feeding baby red beans

hey guys, i'm in atlanta but originally from the 7th ward. i'm ready to give my baby solids but i'm wondering about the sodium in table food. do any of you give your baby red bean juice and rice. i'm might squash the bean and take the skin off a few of them. she won't eat much stage 3.

Re: feeding baby red beans

  • DD1 ate read beans and rice easily after 12 months.  Before that I may have given her a little smashed beans and sauce (juice? gravy? whatever you want to call it) a few times, but never thought much of it - she barely ate enough for me to worry about the salt content.  I just smashed it with a fork.  I didn't remove any of the skins.
  • thanks!! i fed her a little last night and she LOVED it. she wouldn't eat her apples but she readily ate the beans and rice! i smashed it and left the skins on. i guess i've been worrying too much!
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