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Braxton Hicks at 16 weeks?

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and I keep having this heavy/tight feeling in my uterus. Lasts for anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes.  It's not painful but it feels very weird. No bleeding or anything like that. It does not happen regularly but at least 2-3 times a day. From what Dr. Google says it could be Braxton Hicks but this is awfully early is it not? I have a doc appt tomorrow so I will be asking her about it of course, but I was wondering if anyone had anything like this and what your doc said. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Braxton Hicks at 16 weeks?

  • I started having them around 19 weeks but my Dr told me people have them as early as 13, most times it because you aren't drinking enough.
  • Mine started Sunday!  I'm asked my OB about it on Friday, but from what I understand, you have BH the whole time, but you just can't feel them until 2nd trimester.  Mine are most likely from dehydration.
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  • There was a post about this just yesterday. It's normal. Women have them throughout their pregnancies, it's just a matter of when you feel them. I felt them beginning at 13 weeks with DD and 15 weeks with this one.
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  • I am 15 weeks and had that same feeling last night!
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  • I've had them since very early on- prob about 13 weeks. And it's definitely not dehydration because I drink a TON of water and my pee is almost always clear. My uterus just kind of firms up in the front. It's not even really uncomfortable, I am just aware. Certain positions (semi-reclined on the couch in the afternoon) seem to make them happen more frequently. My midwife is not concerned at all, so neither am I!
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  • I just started having them this last week it is perfectly normal.  
  • With DS I started having BH at 16 and this time at 14-15 weeks. Nothing to worry about but to be on the safe side, drink plenty and get rest if they keep up. Having BH early also doesn't mean a thing, I had them the entire pregnancy and didn't go into labor until 40w5d.
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  • kg_08kg_08 member

    It's possible. Drink alot of water and keep an eye on it. If they start happening more often like a few times an hour than go get checked.

    I had a few around 20 weeks that were nasty and hurt, but nothing was wrong. It was mostly because I was dehydrated.

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