Babies on the Brain

I hate this crap. vent

BF is on probation at work. Too many complaints mixed with a few mistakes on the job and he was told to keep his nose clean for 6 months. He made it 3. I know most of the complaints including this newest one are not his fault but it pisses me off to hear about another internal affairs investigation. I think this makes at least seven in the past two and a half years.

This complaint stems from a small accident involving the former police chief from a nearby town. He got rear ended said his back hurt but he has had many back surgeries and was doing yard work before the accident. He refused the ambulance and there was no damage save for a crack on his fender not related to the accident. So after getting all of the information BF left and wrote up the report. The guy went to the chief the next Monday and biitched about something and here we are with another IA.

He does things by the book and checks with his Sgt. and still gets in trouble. He got in trouble for not unlocking the bathrooms at the park. When he showed them he did he still got in trouble for not doing it early enough (there is no set time they have to be open by).

I just want him to be happy at work and to keep his job. /vent
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