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2 year molars

For those whose LO's have them, what was it like for you?

Holly doesn't have hers yet (last I checked), but we had a really rough night last night, and wonder if they might be to blame. We went to the beach this weekend, and she really stayed on her normal schedule the whole time, even napped better than usual since we wore her out on the beach and pool!

But last night, she was all wound up before bedtime (after taking just an hour nap in the car on the way home--although that's a pretty typical nap for her, we'd played all morning so I know she needed more). DH tucked her in, and she started some of her old antics of getting out of bed. We got her to stay in (by saying we would not be able to go to the pool this week if we couldn't trust her to stay in bed..it worked). But she woke up off and on for several hours crying hysterically asking for me. I went in most of the times, and she insisted I rock her to sleep--which she hasn't done in a while. Like, if I put her down, she lost her mind. So I just figured she was overtired, and just went with it. (I didn't mind the snuggles anyway. hehe).

She cried briefly a few times overnight, and then woke up at 6:00 this morning screaming. DH rocked her and calmed her back down, and she went back to sleep. I leave at 6:55, so I'm not sure what happened after that, but I'm hoping she slept in until 7:30ish as normal.

May have just been an off night, but I've been waiting for the molars. So I wonder if that's what might be going on. Huh?

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Re: 2 year molars

  • We didn't have any issues with the top ones but the bottom ones were a nightmare (only at the point when they were breaking the gums). She screamed and melted down for a solid week until they broke the gum. I never had her wake up at night, but I was giving her Motrin. We had a TON of ice pops and ice in the mesh feeder during that week.

    She pretty much melted down at everything, the swing, the bathtub, playing, eating, etc. She laid on the couch pretty much all week at some point with an ice pop, that was the only thing that calmed her.




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  • Jack has been slowly working on his bottom 2 year old molars...one is halfway in and the other is starting to break through slowly. The top gums seem swollen but not 2 yr molars have broken through on the top yet. Its hard to say what whiny and such he does because of his teeth. sometimes he will tell me his "molars" hurt cuz i've commented about his molars when i look in there and will ask to have his paci but i think some of that might be an excuse for his paci but i usually try and give him something cold to suck on instead. But we stilll have awhile before we have all 4 moalrs. good luck if thats what it is.
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  • We're going through this now and it's been rough! She's having lots of meltdowns. She's drooling a lot and chewing on her fingers constantly. I hope these tooth come out soon!


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